Sunday, November 1, 2015

Project 365, Week 44

Wow...looking back at pictures, seven days ago feels like a loong time. Lots of life, lots of hard, lots of grace.

Its November! The perfect time to practice gratitude. Our hearts don't always default to gratitude...sometimes we have to choose it and Thanksgiving month is the perfect time to develop the habit of first being grateful.

October 25
There's still a significant part of our fixer upper that needs fixing up and this day we had some teamwork going.

October 26
It was my mom's birthday so we did a little hike near her house. My kids were in school but my brother and sister and their homeschooling families were there with some of my mom's 18 grandkids. Elizabeth put a scavenger hunt together that kept everyone happy and busy.

 The scene was simply breathtaking as the moon came up over the trees in the open field at soccer practice. This iPhone photo is a poor snapshot but it reminds me of the magnificence of those moments of feeling small compared to a very big God.

October 27
I stayed tucked warmly in my car during Aiden's cold practice.

October 28
Another NYC day, arriving in the dark...

...and leaving in the dark.

October 29
Looking out my bedroom window, wishing I was playing and raking with the kids.

October 30
This year at our Awana's fall party, we had Vadar, Princess Leia and a coach. Thankfully Amy came down for a bit and was able to do Amanda's hair.

October 31
Big leaf!

Shaun worked a long, hard day dealing with an apartment vacancy so I was on soccer duty. I wasn't really up for it, but the kids did so great. I was able to just stay in the car and they handled everything perfectly.


lee boyd said...

Darth Aiden reminds me of the VW commercial. One of the great ones!!

The Bug said...

Oh yeah I remember that commercial - so cute! Love Amanda's hair. And yes, that moon photo is breathtaking, even in phone mode. My favorite picture this week is Amanda's face in the mirror.