Sunday, November 15, 2015

Project 365, Week 46

I'm happy to have made it to this side of the week, though there was lots of fun in the beginning, too. Its a little cliche, but life has felt like a bit of a roller coaster...we're up, we're down, I feel great, I can't get out of bed, there's good news, there's bad news. I don't think that's life with cancer, I think that's just life. 

The trick, I believe, is to constantly be on the lookout for something to be thankful for. Its always there, even if you have to start with the fact that you are breathing and living. Many didn't start today that way. Or, you can take a swift view of the world and be grateful that you live in the USA. We really are so blessed.

November 8
Z's family let us know his football team was undefeated and in the playoffs, so a couple of us made the hour drive to see him. Our visits are always a mixed bag of emotions (for me), but I'm so grateful for the ongoing contact. 

When Shaun and the kids got home from rehearsal, there was still a little time left on the Broncos game so we sat on the couch together for the first time in months. I despise TV and video games, so our TV only goes on for the occasional sports game. (I know...our poor deprived kids! :)

November 9
The bad news: my dear friend's baby was breech so she was scheduled for a c-section. The good news: it landed on one of my best-feeling days, so I got to be there capturing the first moments. Such an incredible honor!

The family gathered in the waiting room, anxious to catch their first glimpse of the newest baby.

Meg was alert and beautiful right after a significant surgery...amazing!

November 10
Fun cousin time!

November 11
Shaun and I tease that he's in a rut with his date ideas. He thinks it'll impress me if he takes me to the Big Apple, but its just gotten old. I tell him he needs to change it up! ;)

November 12
Our every-other-week snuggle movie this week was Singin' in the Rain.

November 13
No picture.

November 14
Saturday, 7:30AM and this girl has her homework out, all kinds of ideas swirling in her head for a school project.

I went with Shaun and the kids to the first dress rehearsal of Mystery. What an incredible show! Its unpredictable and fun, with lots of layers. The music is moving and the cast is top-notch.

If your boyfriend is in a date rut, have him bring you to this show in East Hartford. :) You will not be disappointed!

Shows are THIS week, November 19, 20 & Nov 22.


The Bug said...

Aw - love that you were able to be there for the birth of your friend's baby! And you and Shaun are TOO CUTE. Sorry you're so jaded by NY... When all of this is over maybe he can show you a better time there :)

Meg A. said...

Still so in awe of your gift of Monday! Loved every second of you being it weird that I wish we could do it again?! Your NYC comments cracked me up. Just another reason Boston wins, any day! Although, NYC wins major points in my book since it's helping to kick your cancer to the curb!

Ashley Beth said...

What a true reminder that each day we wake up breathing is a gift to celebrate!

Amy Joy said...

You and Shaun are funny! Love those comments you make. :) The show looks fantastic - can't wait to see it! Also, having you there on Monday was one of the greatest gifts of that day (Cole being in that mix too ;) - both in your presence and your photography gift. Can't thank you enough! xoxo