Friday, December 18, 2015

Amanda Turns Nine

My sister posted some pictures of Amanda's birthday on her blog and I realized I never did! You can't miss stuff like that with the middle kid! ;)

As things turned out, I ended up having to be in NYC for treatment that day, the day after Thanksgiving. Our family came to the rescue and we had multiple offers to take the kids and make Amanda's day special. In the end, what she wanted most was to be with Trevor and watch a movie. And go to CEC.

Auntie Amy made all her wishes come true. Amanda started the day on screens, something she gets very little of but really, really likes. She even got to hold the laptop for all to see! Uncle C made pancakes and she tried to blow out a trick candle. Later they went to the theater to see Charlie Brown and then went across the street to Chuck's. Then Amy met up with Uncle Nathan and Nana and crew and they went to our Main Street to watch the Christmas Tree lighting and the light parade. While she was gone, a sweet friend dropped off a card and candy.

It was desperately hard for me to not be with her, but I'm not sure she noted my absence. Or maybe she did notice it in a yay-mom's-not-here-I-get-extra-screen-time sort of way. ;) I'm so thankful for many reaching out to want to fill in the gap for us. Its been a constant theme over the last year and we are grateful!

At nine Amanda is growing and changing. I love being her mom, even though sometimes I wonder if I'm doing it all wrong. She sends me to my knees looking for wisdom and that's a good thing. She thinks deeply and has an old soul and at the same time a playful spirit. She is passionate and loyal. Its so fun knowing her!

Amy, thanks for taking time that you didn't have to make her day so special. You hit all her buttons and her love tank was filled.  

Nine! How can that be??

All the kids surprised Amanda by pooling their CEC tickets together and "buying" Amanda a couple prized possessions. So sweet!

The day, for Thanksgiving dessert, we had cake for Amanda and her two cousins...their birthdays are November 25, 27, 29!


Amy said...

We had fun!!!

Melody said...

Love Amanda!

The Bug said...

What a great day for her! I love the pictures of her getting her CEC surprises :)