Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Project 365, Week 48

You could call this week "eclectic"...we crammed a lot of really great and really hard stuff into seven days. That's life, right?

November 22
Happy Sunday morning! Can't give hugs through FaceTime, but its helped us stay connected many times this year while I've been in the hospital. As he often does on the weekend, Aiden came down dressed in his school uniform.

Sarah and I had a beautiful sunrise on the way home from the hospital.

I got dropped off just in time to see my favorite scene (don't tell Aiden ;)

Countless hours of labor and love by this writer, cast and crew. Amazing!

November 23
It'd been five years since Aiden was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. We wanted to get him re-checked, hoping he'd grown out of it.

He was tough through his test and after fifteen minutes it was determined he is no longer allergic to peanuts! He asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when we got home and he's been eating it everyday since! Its thrilling to have another protein source for this picky guy!

November 24
I'm thankful for grandparents who fill in the gaps and will brave the inside walls of a germ-infested school to see Aiden recite a line and sing a song for Thanksgiving. Shaun's mom took video and my mom caught him deep in conversation with his teacher...I suspect they can be found like this often...he's a talker! :)

My girl, who is now sharing socks with me needed some snuggle time. I'm so grateful for the times she trusts her heart with me, even when I don't have all the answers for her.

November 25
Amanda decorated cupcakes to bring to school with her. We had a tough morning, but when I picked them up from their half day, she was glowing. I think someone had spread the word that it was her birthday and asked her classmates to make her feel extra-special this year. We've been blessed with such a beautiful, supportive community at school.

Look who came to town...Nana and Grandpa John! They are so faithful to travel from Florida to brave the chilly northeast every November so we can be together for Thanksgiving.

This guy got home around 9 PM, after PASSING an insurance exam, adding to his growing repertoire of financial services licenses. I'm so proud of him!

November 26
Thanksgiving Day...a separate post soon.

November 27
My sweet, sweet birthday girl. Our little Amanda turned NINE! We couldn't be with her because I was getting treatment, but we had a waiting list of people willing to fill in the gap. Even though it was hard for me, I'm so grateful she had a fun birthday.

Maybe a little too much partying for this six year old.

November 28
No picture.


Melody said...

Yay about Aiden and peanuts - reunited at last!
Yay about Shaun's test!
The story of Amanda's good day at school with birthday celebrations made me tear up.
You ROCKED this week! Seriously, you're a rockstar!

The Bug said...

Happy birthday to Amanda! That's a great picture of her - and I really wish I had one of her cupcakes right now. Really - I just had lunch & there's not a sweet thing in the house. Sigh. :)

I'll bet the Thanksgiving trip is just enough time to convince Nana & Grandpa that they live in the right place - ha!

And congrats to Shaun - is there anything he can't do?