Sunday, December 13, 2015

Project 365, Week 50

This would have been a treatment week for me, but since I'm DONE, I fully participated in life instead. It was a novelty to be out all week, popping into public places as needed or desired. My family did things, I went along with them!

The weather has been AMAZING so we are getting out as often as possible and enjoying the fresh air. In fact, you'll see too many outdoor photos, but I want to remember how mild and snow-free we were in the middle of December. We're "stealing days" as Shaun says.

Sitting on a secluded beach with a good book in the Caribbean could not have made me happier this week. Each day was such a gift and I soaked in all the awesomeness of each one.

December 6
The day started at the cast brunch for Mystery. We had good discussions about the show and the ministry and we are honored to be among this top-notch group who are committed to spreading the gospel.

From there we left to take the kids on a surprise adventure in Boston (I'll post about it this week).

December 7
The weather has been simply incredible!

December 8
Since I don't like folding sheets or storing them, I only keep one set per bed. I finally conceded it was time for new ones when my foot kept getting caught in a growing hole. For most things I'm a "waste not/want not" type. I think I would have faired well during the Great Depression...there are not too many things I'll spend money to replace until its necessary. 

Clearly, Shaun feels the same way (these are in the clean laundry pile, not the scrap pile). :) But good news, our new sheets arrived this day. Exciting times!

December 9
Way too nice out!

Years ago we cut way back on Christmas gifts, opting instead to pool our money together and make Christmas nice for others who are in need. In light of this past year, Sarah thought it would be nice to give to some families who are dealing with cancer.

Memorial Sloan Kettering, a place very dear to my heart, has set up an incredible program for the kids who will be in-patient on Christmas. So this afternoon we got together and shopped their wishlist online. The packages get shipped directly to the hospital, where they will put gift sacks together for "Santa" to deliver to the pediatric floor.

Amanda had her chorus concert at school. She was super smiley and they all did a really nice job.

December 10
Avery's class made lungs. She was showing us on the walk home from school and Aiden thought it was great, though he said it looked more like a chemo pump. Ha!

December 11
Reading a book, eating a snack.

There are a couple behavior modifications I'm working on with the kids. My very wise friend shared with me that she used to tell her kids that their only job was to honor and obey their parents. And that is was so important because one day that honor and obedience would transfer from authority to God's.

When my kids have God as their first authority, I desperately want them to obey him quickly and thoroughly, with happy hearts. Its the best, least painful way to live!

Shaun's game, basketball #1

Amanda's game, basketball #2. If you are doing anything, you want Isaiah there cheering for you or laughing at your jokes. He's very dramatic and enthusiastic with his cheering. :)

Aiden's practice, basketball #3

After each shot he would come to the back of the line and mouth or mime something to me, or break out in a random dance. Somehow we both understood what it all meant. :)

Avery's game, basketball #4

While going for the basketball, she was both kicked and punched in the face. She's a tough girl.


Ashley Beth said...

I'm the same way with sheets! One pair per bed and no extras to store or fold. :)

Melody said...

Such fun pics!

Christian Life Church WillimanticChurch said...

Love the holy pants and sheets and the quote to go with them. It takes a person with a deep and secure heart in Christ to live that out. You are a precious soul. your contentment and perspective on life is richly inspiring. Love, Jen

The Bug said...

Ha! We do the same thing with our sheets & I had the exact same thing happen a couple of years ago. I think I finally have the new set broken in :)

Boy Amanda's hair is getting long! I'm not sure I like how grown up they're all getting...

So glad you're able to enjoy the normal these days...