Monday, December 7, 2015

Project 365, Week 49

The year is so quickly winding down! We've enjoyed the warmer-than-usual just makes everything more fun (in my opinion).

November 29
Each year my dad's church enters a float in the local light parade. This year it worked out for some of the grandkids to ride with him. They sang Christmas carols and "Pop's songs" for the hour's worth of the parade. I wasn't able to be there, but Amy got some great pics!

November 30
It made more sense to the insurance company for me to drive to NY and log an office visit to get a shot than to go to pick up the prescription at my local pharmacy and have the visiting nurse, who was coming anyway, administer the shot. Even though I wasn't up for a road trip, for $2500 there was no question. Amy cleared her schedule at the last minute and was able to drive me.

The building, which I'd never been to before, appeared brand-new. I thought these flowers were lovely.

December 1
The most wonderful time of the year.

Shaun charged the kids with stringing up a strand of outdoor lights. They worked at it for a while, then Aiden came in frustrated. "Mom, there is NO Christmas spirit out there!"

December 2
Puzzled by the sled and bucket out in the yard, I questioned the kids. We'd had some rain so they thought that might make the grass slick enough that the sled would slide. When it didn't go, they thought adding some more water (thus the bucket) would help. No dice. My kids are anxious for snow but I keep hushing them about it, opting instead to listen to my husband who says its El Nino this year.

My brother and sister and their people came over so we could all celebrate my dad's birthday.

December 3
A quiet evening at home.

December 4
More knitting, more reading aloud.

December 5
Basketball season has arrived! (not pictured are Shaun and Aiden's games...four different schedules should be interesting...and I get to be at the games this year!).


Amy said...

#1, God bless El Nino! #2, I laughed out loud at Aiden's "no Christmas spirit out there comment." I can imagine the scene. #3, I love the picture of Aiden and Avery working on the tree. #4, so happy to have a variety of pictures of you out and about doing normal things. #5, Sadie in the glasses!

The Bug said...

I love that picture of your dad with all of his grands - he looks so happy. And I love that you're out & about too - I look forward to basketball pictures :)

Amy Joy said...

Agreed to all of Amy's comments. Especially Aiden's report of the lack of spirit! :) Thrilled you'll be at the basketball games this year!