Sunday, December 20, 2015

Project 365, Week 51

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and I'm dreaming of a brown and mild Christmas. There is so much to do when snow doesn't interrupt travel plans and its not freezing cold outside. (Aiden is standing beside me reading what I've typed and he does NOT agree...the kids are so anxious for snow! :) We're good at making the best of any conditions but warm is my personal favorite.

I felt awesome all week and each day is a marvel. Every activity I get to be a part of is such a gift, like the kids concerts and family outings. Or just going to Shaun's office to take him lunch and hang out. Its all still such a novelty and such a blessing.

December 13
Amanda had shopped at her school's craft fair the day before while I'd manned a booth and she could NOT wait to present her gifts to Aiden and see didn't wait. :) They took their new stuffed animal friends and disappeared to play.

Later, they went to Grandma's to make the traditional family Christmas cookies.

 Later that evening, Avery and Shaun "watched" the Broncos game, which means they watched the play-by-play on the computer. Avery is SO into it!

December 14
The kids had a very impromptu bike ride with Pop on a new-to-him trail on a mild December afternoon.

Shaun has been fitting in home remodeling between all his other obligations. The hallway project is coming along!

December 14
Legos. Always legos.

I started Avery on making some cookies, intending to help her through the process. I got side helping Shaun with something so she went ahead and followed the recipe and finished them with just a couple minor questions. I am reminded constantly how old she is getting!

December 15
Amanda was hanging out in the space where Daddy was working.

December 16
The kids and I picked up a foster child this evening. They were all so quick to say yes, of course we'll help someone new! R in particular was outstanding with "H". He cleared his schedule so he could be home to get him settled and spend time with him. It was beautiful to watch him mentor this scared and confused kid, drawing from his own personal experiences to make H comfortable.

The kids had their Lessons & Carols night, their school-wide Christmas evening.

December 18
Playing basketball helps everything. :)

If you would, please pray for H and for us. We have some big decisions to make and we are praying for God's will, wisdom and discernment. And healing and protection for his heart and mind.

December 19
We made more Christmas cookies since the other ones had magically disappeared. I managed to catch this sweet moment but there were actually more arguing and tears than happy, happy.

Both Amanda and Avery's team won their games handily. Avery even scored a couple times before we left her game early because...

...Christmas! We went to Shaun's sister's for a lovely evening of celebration. Check out this crazy cousin crew. :)


Melody said...

SO sweet about R welcoming H!
The cousins Christmas pic turned out great this year!

Amy said...

Agree with Mel. Awesome cousin picture. Go, Avery, in the kitchen!!!!

The Bug said...

Your kids are going to be so well-rounded - they'll be the DIY baking pros! Besides all the sports, church, & willingness to learn...

I teared up at R helping out H. I'll be praying for you guys.