Monday, December 7, 2015

Doing Battle, Week 63

What a difference a week makes!! Wednesday I woke up knowing I had turned a corner and I kept improving with each day. Sweet relief! My appetite is back, I'm doing some strength training and I haven't napped in days. I feel good!

I'm slowly starting to get back into life, I even started venturing out into public places! The majority of this year I've been shut in, either because my immune system was compromised or I was exhausted. Thankfully I'm one of those people who can be at home for weeks without getting stir crazy. I never feel like I have to get out just to get a change of scenery. I'm also never bored. There is always something to do...reading, writing, snuggling, cleaning. I was wondering if I would end watching shows or movies because of this, but no, I still can't stand TV. I caught a couple hours of HGTV over the summer while staying at the hospital and the kids and I usually did a post-treatment movie together, which is a special memory but I still don't get the allure of the tube.

Anyway, I'm clearly unaccustomed to "normal" things. The other day I took lunch to Shaun at the office. I marveled at all the people out and about, presumably with places to go and things to do. We took the kids out to celebrate straight A's on two girls report cards and I got to go along. There were basketball games that I was able to attend. These are simple things that I used to take for granted, but right now they are fascinating and exciting.

A comment last week got me to thinking about where to take this series next. "I REALLY appreciate that you took us along for the journey. I expect that maybe "Doing Battle" might change to something like "Notes from the Other Side of Battle," but I'd like to continue to read about your thoughts as you process all of this." 

It is utterly humbling and amazing that you have followed along in our journey week after week. Nothing like starting your day off by reading the gory details of cancer! But I've never felt that way, instead I have felt supported and appreciated and you've made me feel like I have something worth sharing.

Originally I started the "Doing Battle" series as a way to keep those who cared "in the know", then quickly it became the best way I processed what I was going through and the things I was learning.

I still have things to write, things to share. I still want this experience to be used for good in any possible way. Now I'm not sure where I should go with it...I'll have to give it more thought...but I can tell you this won't be the last Doing Battle post. Why? Because I'm a crazy person and I've got to end on an even number...63 will not do. :)

Let's celebrate this week and the beauty in each day!


Melody said...

Yay for being out and about! And it's not crazy at all about the number - if you do end up ending on 64, not only is it a nice even number, both numbers are even and it adds up to a perfect 10! Doesn't get much better than that in my book ;)

Karen said...

Love this post! So happy and inspired by you. Love you bunches! xoxo

The Bug said...

Yay for a good week!

lee boyd said...

So, maybe you might want to string out the "Shaun does the grocery shopping" a tad longer?? One neesd not to rush back into total normality too soon!!



lee boyd said...


Amy Joy said...

So happy for the turned corner! I'm glad you'll still process and write and allow us in on the journey. I also appreciate your need for even numbers (I'm with you!). Excited and hopeful for what's to come for you guys. xo

Ashley Beth said...

Some years ago you shared a quote that seems perfectly fitting to share here again:

"Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are...Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in my pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world, your return." -Mary Jane Iron

I'm so grateful you are getting to enjoy the "normal" bits of life again.

Laura said...

So so happy for you I have happy tears - now that you are out and about - let's have a tea party with the girls (of course aiden is welcome too:) can't wait to see you more