Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If you've hung out in the blogging world for very long, you've noticed that some popular themes are "Wordless Wednesday" and "Word-filled Wednesday". I like the idea of both of them but I need to come up with my own for all these dance pictures I'm going to have now. Whirly, Twirly Wednesday?? Way Cute Wednesday?? Hmm...guess I'll have to work on that!

Anyway, the new session of dance class has begun for both girls. Avery is in Pre-Ballet and Amanda is in Creative Movement. We realize Amanda is certainly on the young side, but towards the end of Avery's class last spring she was very enthusiastically participating and we thought she'd do well with her own class.
Avery was happy to be in a class with more instruction and learning and as a bonus we found out her buddy from church is taking the same class.

Amanda thought it was very cool that this was her dance class. I purposely left Avery home so it could be Amanda's special thing and that was not lost on her. She just acted different. We don't think her ballet career will be long, but she may have a good run on the football team. All for fun!

Can anything be cuter than a group of almost two, two and three-year old girls dressed in ballerina outfits, doing their best to follow the teacher? Not today for this momma.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Whirly Twirly Wednesday sounds good to me! Precious!

April said...

Those have to be some of the most precious pictures I've ever seen! Enjoy them while they're small. :)

Rae said...

JK's first dance class was on Tuesday. Being the over-scheduled, hectic BAD mother that I am...I completely FORGOT!!!!! I of course could never forget Kenners' classes (two different days this year) because she reminds me every other minute! (her first class is today at 4:30, btw Of course I haven't had time tog o and pick up her shoes yet!!)

THE ROOST said...

TOO cute. In the last picture you can see in her eyes that she knows she is a ballerina.

Bethany G. said...

Too cute! I just want to pinch those chubby legs and rub the budda belly!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Look at those darlin' babies!! I could just eat them up! :))