Saturday, September 13, 2008

Softball is Over

Our softball season has finally come to a close after kicking off in May. This was our 11th season as a team. We won the championship for our division, as well as first place for the regular season. Its a fun way to spend our summers...the kids love to dig in the dirt and occasionally run around the bases after a game and I keep score and take a few pictures.

Last weekend was our annual after-season picnic and tonight was the league awards banquet. Shaun was voted Coach of the Year for our division and I was so proud! No one can know the heart that he puts into the team each season. Formulating line-ups and addressing problem areas in the defense are things that he thinks about throughout the day.

A win or a loss, depending on the circumstances, will have him up at 3:00 in the morning. He keeps tedious stats on each player and knows the league rule book inside and out. He deeply cares about his players and wants to help build character in them and show Christ.

He is also highly competitive and wants to win and guys like playing for a winning team. I love to watch him in his element, passionate and wanting to have excellence in everything he does.

Congrats, Shaun on Coach of The Year! Very well deserved...thank you for always desiring to live life with excellence.


mom said...

Good for Shaun!! Y'all look cute in your uniform tops.

April said...

Congratulations on winning the championship and on your husband being named Coach of the Year!! That is so great!! My daughters both played softball at our church when they were small and we all had such a good time. Made many lasting memories. Your husband sounds a lot like mine. He is really involved in our daughter's running (she's on her high school's varsity cross country team). I call him the "Stat Man" because he knows all the stats on the top runners from the schools we compete against, as well as those on our daughter's team. It's great having a husband who's so "plugged in" to our kids' lives.

THE ROOST said...

Congratulations....We need more men like that involved in young people's lives!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations to Shaun! He deserves every bit of it!

Rae said...

Congratulations to the team and to Shaun!