Monday, September 1, 2008

Lobster Fest

We just spent an incredible weekend enjoying family, the weather and no work. My aunt, uncle and two cousins came from NY and PA and we did our best to take full advantage of their company.

Some of our fun included the 4th Annual Lobster Fest. This year my sister Bethany hosted at her new home and we took full advantage of their beautiful yard playing volleyball, football, jungle gym. Shaun conducted Avery's first volleyball doubles in 15 years??

Today was golf for some of the guys and then we headed to my mom's house on the lake for a full lunch spread and swimming and boating fun. Avery didn't think the boat was too fun though, at least when Shaun was out on the wakeboard. Apparently she cried when he crashed because she was worried about him. :(

Shaun grabbed the camera and took several pictures of me trying to get corn on the cob out of my teeth, but as I was getting ready to put the picture up, I realized there actually was corn in my teeth and, as I've stated before, this is my blog food-in-teeth pictures. Sorry.

Family...what a blessing!


Bethany G. said...

This is my first visit to your blog so I'll mark it with a comment. I am glad you seem to be sold on it! Can't help but say "I told you guys so" ha! :P I will have to add you to my "Family" links on mine. Looks good!

Rae said...

You're absolutely right. Your blog = your content and whatever pics you might want to post! :) I know I try to only put the most flattering pics on mine!!!!