Saturday, September 6, 2008


Avery got a Memory game for her birthday and she loves to play. We've played several times in the past two months and she knows all the rules now. And she's been getting better and better.

This morning she beat me straight-up...16 matches to 8 matches. What?! I demanded a recount but it came out the same.

Later, I was telling Shaun about it. I could tell he was not convinced because a) he beats me at every game and b) I'm her mother, for goodness sake!

So, he challenged her to a game and they tied. He was dumb-founded. How is this possible, we both wondered? When we are playing with her she is chatty, wiggly and giggly and gives the appearance that she is paying attention only half the time.

Chalk it up to our first time with a three-year old, but we are both amazed at her capacity for information.

Side notes: the blue on her hand and face is from a face painting of Cinderella that she got at the dance studio's open house and her lower lip is still healing from when her tooth went through a couple weeks ago. The bruise on her head? Also healing nicely. Isn't it grand to be three??


Rae said...

Sorry, Lisa and know what they say about one's memory and getting older!! Yours is fading and the girl's memories are only just beginning to shine! :) You'll continue to be amazed over and over and the years to come!

THE ROOST said...

She sounds like a smart one! You better be saving for college!