Friday, September 26, 2008

Ideal Man

On our date night this week, we were in a restaurant with TVs. Without noticing it (I never do), I sat down. Some time passed and I finally saw that the Red Sox were on and so I offered to switch seats with Shaun. He declined, gave me a little smirk and said, "How 'bout you just talk to me instead?" Ahh...a man who's been married a answer! His response reminded me of a card I saw at the store.

The other day I was pouring through birthday cards, which I find to be a highly entertaining experience. Although, I've found that if one strikes me funny, then its twice as funny if someone you share it with thinks its funny, too.

I was not purposely looking for "this" type of card, but it happened. I hope you are not too offended.

On the front there was a very handsome, shirtless man. He looked something like this:

On the front it said, "For your birthday, Here's the Ideal Man". On the side there was a little wheel to turn and different "quotes" appeared in a little box next to the man:

  • It doesn't take my brilliant mind to see how beautiful , unique and wonderful you are

  • Let's share our innermost feelings and then go shoe shopping

  • Just because I have a six-figure income doesn't mean I don't like to cook

  • Why watch televised sports when we could be spending quality time together

  • I noticed your car was dirty so I bought you a new one. Hope you like red


April said...

Funny!! I must admit, however, that many of those quotes ring pretty true for most women and what they view as being qualities in an "ideal man". Thanks for making me smile on this bright and early morning. :)

THE ROOST said...

How sweet of your hubby! HE is sweet & a cutie:)
Funny card! I like the one about cooking & 6 figures!

April said...

You've been tagged!! Just go to my blog and read what to do. Enjoy! :)