Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Girls

I kept my camera handy the other day, because it seemed like the girls were especially busy. So here are some random pictures from one day. (I say random as if everything on this blog is not...who am I kidding??)

This is how they like to spend their mornings...watching a "kid show", usually Mickey Mouse, while eating their breakfast. Have you ever seen a more beautiful, delicate princess? She's so proud when she's able to put her own clothes on. She also likes doing her very own puzzle, just like Avery can.

Avery is getting so excited about our trip to Flordia "in a couple weeks ago". She and I went through a couple bags of clothes that have been passed down (what a blessing!) and found some nice warm weather clothes. She has distinct opinions of what is fashionable so we sorted through the clothes and found some that fit and that we both liked. I brought down the suitcase so she can pack as many times as she wants to in the next couple weeks. I'm trying to not be too bothered by the mess it has created.

I know it happens in more families than not, but I can't help but wonder...where is our little guy going to fit in with all of this pink girliness??


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

What a princess! My fave is the one of her feet in those little shoes, taken from the back...oh my.

I have a feeling that your baby boy is going to balance out all of the pink pretty quickly. :) Just think of all the cute new boy clothes you're going to get!

Meg A. said...

I love this! I love all the outfit changes in one day! And I especially love the shot of the back of Amanda's little calves...too cute!

Lisa said...



LuAnn said...

I love the little heals. Looks like a fun day!!!

Momagoose said...

Donnie grew up w all girls and he was the youngest sibling. They put him through some interesting things... he survived and has a tender heart because of it. :o)