Sunday, March 15, 2009

Project 365, Week 11

March 8
We got treated to a last minute pizza party with my dad and his wife (Poppy-doodle & Kiki-doodle, as the girls have started calling them). Shaun joined us when he was done with a meeting.

Now that all the snow is clear and the temperature more moderate, Shaun has started putting lots of time in to the woodpile.

March 9
The ever-patient Riley.

March 10
Five months (22.5 weeks). I'm feeling great. The little guy seems to be growing nice and strong and he comes up more and more in our regular conversations. We are trying to get the soon-to-be middle child used to the idea. Still playing the name game, although its been significantly narrowed down. Thankful for God's goodness.

A night out with no kids, spent with dear friends and good food.

March 11
The view from my treadmill most every morning. It kinda has a Rocky Balboa feel to it (did his gym have cobwebs, too...I don't remember) but it works perfect for me. Shaun has the dish hooked up for me so I can watch my only TV for the day and I have a VCR for the strength training videos I've taped. What more could a girl ask for?

March 12
We had a family night out at the mall and found that late on a school night is a great time to visit the playscape. Avery gets very excited when the four of us are together "like a family", whether its sitting on the couch reading a book or doing returns at the mall.

Avery's getting into reading things on her own and, not to be outdone, Amanda pretends she can, too.

March 13
Friday's is my day to give the floors some good attention and I try to do it quickly and early. Lately I've been setting up a bucket and mop for Amanda in a separate room because she loves to "help" so much. I got called away for a few minutes and this was the scene when I arrived.

Can anyone more clever than I think of a caption for this photo?

March 14
Dessert at cousins' house

Sara's got her project up and many others have linked their projects...go check them out and join in!


fransmomma said...

the dog picture cracks me up. you're right about patient!
as for the caption, i would put something like, "i had an accident mom, but i took care of it."

sara said...

what a great dog!!! The dog we had when our kids were little was just like that! In fact the kids learn to walk and stand by pulling up on the dog..he never minded!!!

caption "don't worry, I got it!!"

ice cream cones on the face....the best!!!

great week!

Darla said...

too many great photos here...i can't even begin to pick a favorite. you are doing such a good job with this. i need to get with the program!

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

I've noticed in a lot of the pictures of the girls Avery is looking at you and the camera and Amanda is looking at Avery, looking for clues and cues as to how to behave and not to miss out on anything. I see the same look on Sydney's face in many of my pictures. Good thing for the good role models...They learn so much from their big sisters. Way to go with the reading Avery!

Dena said...

Aaaww sweet Riley. We used to have a Sammi who was the same way. Isn't it exciting when your kids start to learn to read? I remember thinking how a whole new world was opening up to them. So fun.
I'm not creative enough for a caption, but that picture is definitely worth framing. LOL

mom said...

fkdhk 3ylodsd bnsrAQRFC4RRFFVREDF BBFEECVRFRFFFGGFGG lAINIE was on my lap when I was reading the comments, so she left one also.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

What a sweet Riley you have! I love a dog that is patient with kids riding them horseback! lol

I love the Squeaky Clean one, too! ha! Great pics!

skoots1mom said...

Mom, don't you dare to think of putting this pic on my senior locker poster!

too it!

Kim said...

Your girls are just too cute! And funny :-) Had she gotten her clothes wet and taken them off? My daughter didn't like to be too messy so she'd undress if she got "icky". :-)

Michelle said...

That is one patient dog. :)

Becky said...

What a good puppy! My dog is not a kid person.

Caption: "OK, I made my poopy in da pucket, wit one deese do I yoose to wipes?"

You have a beautiful tummy!

Jessica said...

Great week in your life :)

How are you doing teaching Avery the different sounds for letters? When Justin first sounded out Macy's, he thought (and still does) it said 'Mackeys' :)

Micah said...

"Mop the floors"!?!?
Thought you said "Drop the drawers"!!

See you all soon! Can't wait for FL. It'll be 22 months since the last vaca!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

OMGoodness!! I love the mop picture. I was so excited to see the belly picture, but the nudey maid trumped that one. It made me laugh out loud literally.
Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Your tummy is so cute. I loved my pregnancy the third time around, and the middle child has done fine, although I was worried. You've got four months!

My treadmill stares at a wall, and I am thinking that needs to change.

Oh, if we all enjoyed cleaning so much:)

Laurie said...

You know... your Project 365 is probably one of the most thoughtful ways a mom can use her camera. I love all the random ways you capture "a day"...things that you normally might take for granted (and then long since forget) like the empty table at the restaurant or Shaun piling wood for his family. I love the simple, every-day stuff the most. It warms me up and gives me comfort that we are all in this together. Ya know?

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Great workout setup you've got! My treadmill faces a wall, but I usually bring my computer in with me and watch a DVD or something on Hulu to help pass the time.

I love the tummy shot - he's coming right along! Already over halfway there - you look so beautiful.

The mopping picture is cracking me up! I can't think of anything more clever than what has been suggested, but that is so awesome.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh...I forgot to say...I think it is just precious that Avery loves to do things "like a family" just shows how important that quality time is.