Sunday, March 8, 2009

Project 365, Week 10

March 1
Avery wrote out her memory verse for Rainbows.
Be happy to give and ready to share. I Timothy 6:18

March 2
We woke up to nearly a foot of snow and Avery immediate wanted to call Uncle Nathan. To her, snow=Uncle Nathan or Pop, which is just fine with me. I'm not a very good winter mom. Nathan took them across the street at lunch time then came in and did the traditional snow with bowl, three spoons. Later that evening we went to my dads and they went sledding in the dark.

Helps me not to grumble so much about the snow when I see how much the kids enjoy, yeah...that would most definitely include Nathan and my dad. :)

March 3
Special delivery from special friends, sending their sympathies.

While on the subject of food...this is what I eat for breakfast everyday. Normally its just eggs and spinach, but this day I happened to have tomatoes, avocado, and cottage cheese to add. Yum...Shaun thinks its dangerous and would be hazardous to his health. :)

March 4
I was cooking dinner and looked over to find Avery in this position. Freaked me out a little, but I guess she was just practicing her ballet. Yikes!

March 5
Not a very good picture, but the girls are seated at my desk watching the pictures on my screen saver.

March 6
Daddy and Avery, reading stories.

March 7
My niece Madison was in a dance competition. Avery and I left the house at 7:00 am to get there and Avery would've stayed all day, I think....she loved it! For their duet, Rockin’ Robin, Madison and her partner scored a ‘high gold’ and #1 overall in that division. She did great!
We attended a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law, Nathan's fiance. Here is Laryssa just coming in but not quite surprised. There was a house full of people and she got lots of things off her registry. Just a month and a half til the wedding...

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Lisa said...




sara said...

i agree...frame that verse!!

so, does the new sister-in -law like snow?? :)

love the picture of your daughter in daddy's lap..those were my favorite times!

great week!!

Dena said...

Great pictures! Seeing your daughter touching her toes to her head reminds me of when my girls were little. They did that all the time too. How I'd love to be that flexible!

I'm with you on the snow issue - I'd rather live where snow is banned. ha!

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

Wow Avery's writing is really good!

Amy said...

That is sweet!

Thanks for stopping by my blog- you're the first to stop by from the LPM blog! I was excited!

Your girls are precious, and congrats on the son on the way!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Eggs with avocado is one of my favorite breakfasts...Savannah and I just finished some a little bit ago. :)

The girls are so cute looking at the screen saver. And, wow, I wish I had 1/10 of Avery's flexibility in that one shot...incredible. :)

Michelle said...

Great pictures for the week. Your daughter looked adorable in her tap costume. :)

Love the sweet note too.

Darla said...

again, great pics, i was gonna pick a favorite but they all were wonderful. i really like spinach and eggs too! looked yummy!

LuAnn said...

I'm with framing the verse too.
Great pictures this week.

Edie said...

Love the snow pictures and your kids are adorable!! Looks like lots of sweet memories in the making. :)

Esthermay said...

Hey! A fellow-Northlander! SNOW!!! Gotta' love it. If we didn't, we'd move away. Right?
Love your choice in breakfast cuisine. Definitely NOT hazardous to one's health.
Did a three-year old write out that verse? That is awesome! Great JOB!!!! Definitely frame-worthy.

fransmomma said...

YUM! your eggs look delicious!!!

Becky said...

Wow that is good writing, how old is Avery? Your side bar says three?

Great pics from everyday life. Love the ballet pose... we get those moments too.

Jessica said...

I love the pictures for your 365 ... reminds me that I need to post mine :)

Lisa said...

She’s three and a half. To be totally honest, I didn’t think it was that great, I know that’s not nice.

The reason it was meaningful to me was because she saw me writing me scripture on an index card and she wanted to copy me. Humbling how much they are watching us all the time. God, I need your help!!

beckyjomama said...

Snow and syrup ... I am gonna have to try that. Hopefully NEXT YEAR!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I write out Bible verses and quotes on index cards, and now my daughter does it too. It is humbling how much they see, isn't it?

I'm not a snow girl either. I didn't go out in it one time this year!

Seriously yummy breakfast!