Sunday, March 1, 2009

Project 365, Week 9

February 22
We had a birthday party for Shaun's grandfather, who turned 90 this week. The house was filled with family and friends, which was such a statement to the man he has been for his life. The girls got to play with aunts and uncles and Cousin Jared.

February 23
My OB is doing a new thing of grouping women who are due around the same time for the purpose of our monthly appointments. It allows for extra discussion with the doctor and with other moms. This was our first meeting. Sienna, my brother-in-law's girlfriend and my friend went, too...she is just about two months behind me.

February 24
Our family welcomed the 11th cousin on my side of the family. My brother Tim and his wife Elizabeth had a little boy, Trey Timothy. They live in CO, so I won't get to meet him right away.

Lunch time. Avery eating her "cot-of-cheese".

Family game/puzzle night. I have no explanation for the "badding soups".

Grampy's actual 90th birthday. We brought over lunch and had a mini-birthday party. I love that he is clapping with delight in this picture.

Avery and Amanda went exploring through some closets and each found a pair of slippers. Not to mention, Avery had one of her classic "outfits" on.

February 26
We went to a reptile show at the local library. I dislike most every reptile and in the past have had a rather ridiculous fear of snakes, which I don't want to pass on to my kids. So, we make a special effort to go see the reptiles. (There's gotta be some sort of Mom award for that, no?)
Amanda didn't have time to sit for it and instead chose to horse around with a new friend.

Avery went between doing this with Auntie Bethany... doing this with her cousin Juliet. Yes, she touched it! AND she lived. AND she touched the 12 foot, 65 lb snake that came out later. blog, so no picture of that one. I won't lie; I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw it.

February 27
The girls are getting really good about playing independently (from me, but always with each other). This wasn't posed...I walked in and found them like this, reading to the doll and Bear.

February 28
The cousins got to be together again at the memorial service for their great-grandmother.

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darla said...

what a full week you've had. i am so happy i found your blog, i love looking at the pictures of your girls...they are sooo much like mine were. they wore 'badding soups' in the winter sometimes, and mismatched clothes, just being carefree little girls, and yet they looked soo adorable when we would dress them up alike to go places. it makes my heart happy to see other kids just being happy kids. good job Mom! and i will tell you firsthand, it seems to have paid off, my kids have been a blessing even as teenagers. i loved seeing your week. thanks for sharing!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Great week of pictures! That newborn was a sight to behold! He looks like my 2nd son did at a 3 month old. :-) What a sweetie.

And like you, I love to walk in and find my kids reading something on their own. What a treasure.

LuAnn said...

Your girls are so cute. I love the swim suits too. Have a great week!

Dena said...

Great pictures. You DO deserve a mom award for the snake visit!

Becky said...

You had me laughing and smiling... lol at throwing up a little in your mouth.. we own three snakes and my kids love them.

The pic of your grandpa clapping with the candles and the baby is too precious... brings back memories of my g.grandpa.

My kids are random dressers as well. At least my oldest is starting to get it.

Elizabeth said...

This is my first time at your blog, and your pictures are wonderful! I love going to my grandparent's birthday parties. They are such a celebration. Your ob is brilliant, and how fun to have friends there. My kids always touch snakes, but I never do. I absolutely love the picture of your girls reading. I'm sure there will be many just like that one.

Danita said...

WOW! You did have a full week!
Your grandfather looks so happy! & young!

Congrats on the new addition!