Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365, Week 13

March 22
Quite possibly the hardest part about being pregnant. Did I take my vitamin or didn't I? I try to take it when Avery remembers hers, but it doesn't always happen.

March 23
One cool chick.

Shaun and the girls came with me to my pre-natal appointment. Of course the girls were very interested in it all and the doctor helped engage them. I'm so thankful for routine, boring visits.

March 24
Daddy took Avery to "help" clean up one of our apartments so I quickly had to find a project for the left-behind, distraught Amanda to "help" with.

March 25
Perhaps a bit ambitious, but I went through Jackie's top ten book list and ordered all that were available from surrounding libraries (my Netflix, as Shaun calls it). Today I walked to the library and brought home my loot. I'm starting at the top and working my way down and I'll try to not neglect my family, house and work while doing it.

March 26
Amanda's first hair cut. Auntie Bethany does this for a living and is very talented. I just had her trim up the jagged edges a little.

March 27
Homemade pedicures...sandal-ready feet.

March 28
All packed up and headed off to Florida.

Sara is hosting and she got a link with lots of other projects.


Rae said...

Jan Karon is one of my favorite authors!! You will LOVE her Mitford series!! Enjoy your vacation!

Darla said...

great photos, i especially love the doctor visit! that is priceless. AND the upside down sunglasses! have a great time in Florida, wow, how nice!

Libby said...

Aw! I did not know until this post that you were welcoming a little man into your family! Thats amazing! Love all the pix!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Wow, that picture of the girls looking on during your appointment made me cry - they are so sweet and curious, and they are going to be such great big sisters.

I hope you enjoy at least some of the books - I do not endorse everything in all of them, of course (especially the Jodi Picoult book, the one that left me feeling conflicted), but hopefully you'll find something you like!

I sent you an email on Friday, but I forgot to mention how much I love your handwriting - it is so small and pretty, so unlike mine. :) Thank you again, Lisa!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Florida! Have fun!

The doctor visit pic is SOO precious!!

LuAnn said...

Love your piggies!!!! Have a great time!!!!

Heather of the EO said...

I LOVE the the one of you getting measured and the girls looking on expectantly!

And the vitamins! I KNOW! (not right now, but I remember)
I finally resorted to one of those days of the week containers. Then I could peek in and say "oh, I guess I took it already."

Have fun on your trip!