Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365, Week 18

Its May!  One of my favorite months of the year for lots of reasons, the obvious being the weather.  But right now the month doesn't really matter as far as the weather is concerned, because I am reporting live from Florida, The Sunshine State and it is sunny and beautiful!  This week is interesting because the first part of the week is our normal, everyday stuff and the last half is all fun and adventure.  Much as I love the adventure and thrill of vacationing, the everyday stuff is truly my very favorite.

April 24
Easter Sunday!

April 25
Shaun was putting in new windows...always a happy time when work is getting done around the house!
April 26
Avery's first soccer practice.
April 27
The airport was a very exciting place for the kids, especially the planes-taking-off-and-landing part.
April 28
We kicked off our time in Florida with a trip to Busch Amanda is re-enacting how she rode on the roller coaster...about 20 times!
April 29
Its could be considered one of those where were you when... events, The Royal Wedding of the future King and Queen of England.  I will always remember that I was in Florida, in the hotel fitness center, first on the bike and then on the elliptical (since those were the only options).  Boy, the festivities seemed long from the cardio machines. :)  But I loved it all!

Shaun took this on our Dolphin Cruise.
April 30
I guess everyone knows what this is. :)
I am attempting to link up with Sara this week...


sara said...

so fun!!!

what I wouldn't give to see some sun about now!!!

have a wonderful time on your vacation!!!

LuAnn said...

I am so happy for you and your family that you get to be in the warmth and sun and
Disney - doesn't get much better than that. ENJOY !!!

The Bug said...

What fun - can't wait to see all your Disney pictures!

Amanda is so cute & those patterns are eye-popping - great picture!

Kaleigh said...

How did your kids like their trip to disney??...your lucky you get to be in florida right now!!

Shelva said...

I love the picture of Avery playing soccer she still looks like a dancer with shin guards on how cute is she! Hope you are having a restful time in warm sunny Florida.