Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aiden is Twenty-Two Months

I'm approxiamately thirteen days late with this but I didn't want to entirely skip it.  As I was looking back over the last month, I can't believe how different he looks.  I feel like he went from baby to toddler.  Part of that was the three (?) new teeth he got.  Part of it was the vocabulary explosion and the fact that he now parrots everything we say.  But I really think he face changed, too and I can't believe its only been a month since these were taken.

He's talking up a storm!  He repeats everything and much of it is clear, even to an untrained ear.  He delights us with his attempts and the things he comes up with on his own.

He is completely into all things boy, or more specifically, all things daddy.  He regularly comes over to me holding a ball and says Mom, catch!  I suddenly wish I wasn't so athletically impaired.  With the girls, its been fine that every time I throw a ball there are 360 degrees of possible directions it might go but somehow now with Aiden, I wish I was more skilled and able and...accurate.  I fear I will be embarrassing, or at least frustrating to him, in oh...about six months.

For all the boy he is though, he is very tender and sweet, always generous with hugs.  He is quick to run to his sisters when they are hurt or upset and he initiates hugs with me often.  He's busy, but not in a looking-for-trouble way.  He learns rules quickly and so far, doesn't really challenge them.  He can identify all the major sports and gets especially excited when he sees anything NOT in his future.

He survives on milk, Frosted Flakes and ice-cream.  Not really, but kind of.  

We love this little guy who is often called Roo.  Which can turn into Rooster, Roofus, Roof or Little Roo.


LuAnn said...

Happy 22 months little guy !!!! We will be making our reservations this weekend. Has just been crazy here. We will go outside of Boston too. Thanks!

Amy said...

Very cute! HOW did he life that board? The screwdriver shot is PRICELESS! Cute climbing series, too

Chelsea said...

OH MY! I can't believe he's got that HUGE board! Such a hard worker! You will def have to check out the Eli Whitney with him so he can make things out of wood!