Sunday, May 29, 2011

Project 365, Week 22

What a great week!  After days upon days of cold and rain, the sun came out!  Everyone was quite excited, which was evident as I was looking over the pictures from this week.  Lots of outside, just being kids photos...doesn't make for exciting blog posts, but its how we like doing life.

May 22
Princess Jasmine for the evening.  

There was also a friendly game of baseball in the kitchen...

May 23
We were getting Trot some exercise and it was a little wet and muddy.  As any boy should, Aiden heads straight for the biggest puddles.
 May 24
Trouble is not too far around the corner when these two get alone without Avery's supervision.  (Aiden insisted on wearing his knit hat.)
 May 25
Avery made a hopscotch game.

 I was on my stomach trying to capture some of the jumping and Aiden thought he'd come join me.  I'm too embarrassed to show you the full picture of him...his pants are too short, he had yogurt on his shirt and Doritoes on his face and his hair was scruffy.

 Later, the kids went across to the neighbor's to "help" with yard work.

 May 26
Shaun and Nathan took down a big tree and Aiden was in his glory as we unloaded Daddy's truck of wood.
 Then cousin Alayna stopped by for a bit.
 She liked the water a little bit.
May 27
I was asked to second shoot a wedding this weekend.  This is Newport, RI, a short walk from the rehearsal dinner location.  Beautiful town!  When I got in my car at 11:30 pm to make the two-hour trip back home, alone, I realized how spoiled I am that Shaun always does the driving.
May 28
As we loaded up to go to the grocery store, I just had to save the moment in time.  Such a mundane task, but these guys are always happy for the outing.  This day the girls got their babies dressed, packed purses and put their dogs on a leash.  And Aiden just thinks his sisters are this bunch.

Oh, and you can see our freshly refurbished car in the back....good as new.

After church we went to some friends' house for some backyard fun.  The seven kids played great together and the adults enjoyed some laughs around the fire.


LuAnn said...

I love the video. Aiden reminds me of my nephew with the baseball hat. My nephew swings the bat the same way - too cute.

We are finally suppose to hit some warmth next week. Great outside pictures !!

Blessings on your week.

sara said...

oh my gosh, hearing that little guy say WORDS was so great!!!!! I can't believe it!! LOVE the batting stance! ha!

Such great pictures this week! Full of life and family....perfect!

The Bug said...

I just laughed during the whole video - "whoa! Almost!" Too cute.

And I love all the pictures this week of your crew - love getting the peek into your daily routine.