Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project 365, Week 20

I would say I have no idea where this week went, but I came out of it with a few pictures...639, to be exact, so I can piece it back together.  

May 8
Mother's Day.  I spent a good portion of my life pretty sure I did not want children of my own.  God had other plans, and I'm so, so thankful.
May 9
I was disappointed to find that these were the only pictures I took this day.  Well, here it is again, complete with the deer hair still there (eww)...its currently at the shop getting fixed so the five of us have been cozy riding around in our little Jetta.
 May 10
It was dentist week around here with all four of us going.  We are all part of the "no cavity club" and the girls were so excited for the adventure.
Later Avery had dance class.  Since it was a nice day Amanda, Aiden and I played around outside.  While Aiden played with his soccer ball, Amanda and I watched the ants.  They completely fascinate me.

 May 11
Our church was having an enormous tag sale to benefit missions, so I took the opportunity to do some cleaning out.  Avery and Aiden were such a big help.  Avery especially is a hard worker and appreciated  the cause we were working for.
 See?  Aiden's a hard worker, too.  Shaun is working on this car, making sure its going to be reliable while its our primary vehicle.
May 12
We drove to Philadelphia to watch my cousin Melody graduate with her PhD from Temple University.  We were so very proud!!
Meanwhile, Shaun and Aiden stayed back and had some man time.  Things work considerably different when momma's not home. :)  I love the diaper and the workgloves in the background on the bench of the pick-up truck.
May 13
We spent the day after graduation touring Philly.  SO much fun!
And, the boys back home...Trot is officially a swimmer and Aiden loves to throw rocks into the water.
May 14
After getting home at midnight, we were back at it first thing with soccer and a full day.  Clearly, Avery was still a little tired. :)
 Amanda had a blast again.

That was our week, in a very small nutshell.  Hope you have a fantastic one!  Thank you, Sara, for hosting!


momma frans said...

great pictures this week. I love the one of the girls in front of the bell. something about the looks on their faces made me smile. precious.

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week of pics! Great little trip too, congrats to the graduate. You captured some great shots of your family this week.


I love the way you capture little ones. The shots are so lifelike and have such clarity. I look forward to seeing what you have done each week.

skoots1mom said...

what precious babies...
congrats to your grad!! awesome
fun times for sure

The Bug said...

Beautiful pics! My favorite is the one on Sunday of you & the kids - Aiden is just so excited :)

Melody said...

Yay! Awesome pics :) Thanks again for coming!! And so sweet to have the girls there.