Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 365, Week 21

There are a lot of indoor pictures this week because that's pretty much where we were.  Since last Sunday we've had five inches of rain and it was spread out pretty evenly through all the days.  And its been chilly...the house dipped below 60* the middle of May.  Crazy.  BUT, there is plenty of fun to be found inside, too.  That's one thing I love about kids...they are bound and determined to find fun in whatever situation they are in.

May 15
We had a very rare family movie night.  Avery took it upon herself to be in charge of tickets...definitely something she picked up from cousins.

May 16
I agreed to help out at Avery's recital rehearsal for this evening.  I'm not a very good dance mom...its really all I can do to have her where she is supposed to be, when she is supposed to be there, wearing what she is supposed to wear.  Its harder than you'd think (at least, I struggle with it).   This night was only for an hour and it was fun hanging out with 10 excited and chatty five-year olds.  I thought it important to post the picture to prove my hour of service, in case there are any mom stars being given out. :)
May 17
The girls requested matching pigtails today.  While I was doing Avery's hair she said, I'm like a rock star!  I thought, wow...too bad we all can't declare that every morning when we wake up....could be a day-changer.
May 18
Spent the day in prayer for a friend and got a good report!

With all the rain we've had, Shaun thought it'd be a good idea to clean out the gutters.  For most people this is a fall project, for Shaun its a quarterly project because he cleans out the shingles that are regularly coming off our roof.

Aiden was just getting up from his nap and was delighted with the sight out his window.
 Even though he had his pajamas on for bed, Aiden insisted on wearing his baseball shirt.  All boy!
 May 19
Kiki was hosting a tea party at the nursing home where she works and invited the girls to be a part.  They were so excited to get all dressed up and join in the fun.
May 20
They all slept over and the next day went to a service my dad was doing at an assisted living place they visit frequently.  Its so important to me that they be comfortable around the elderly and to see doing God's service in action is priceless for them.

Shaun and I got a lot of work done and had a nice stay-at-home date, too.  We also picked up our new-again car!
Avery's dance rehearsal.

May 21
I was photographer to a 10 am wedding.  Beautiful ceremony and lots of laughs.  Lots more pictures on my Dayspring Photography blog...soon!

I had just enough time to get home, do Avery's hair and make-up and head back out.  Great big thank you to Grammy and Bobbi, Kiki, Auntie Amy and Madison for coming out to support her.  She was very proud to have you there.  (NO photography allowed, so I followed the (dumb) rule...but really...what is up with that??)



I loved the pictures this week. The kids are so precious...and you always manage to capture the most expressive faces. Loved the dresses hanging pic...Thank you so much for sharing your precious little ones with us. I look forward to them each week.

sara said...

the rain here has been depressing....we got 3 inches in just a couple of hours 2 days is thundering and pouring as I type.

I love the picture of Avery in pigtails..the rock star!!! and yes, it would be day changing if we all woke up and believed that!!!

great week!

RaD said...

Isn't it usually no flash photography allowed? Because the flashing lights can be a distraction to the kids. I didn't have a good camera the year my girl was in dance and so I got no pictures either. Stupid rules, why do I always have to follow them? Oh wait, because I want to be a good example. :)

I feel your pain on the rain. We had sooo much from December through March it was so tiresome. Now while we have sunny skies we are battling wind now which has made most of our children's evening games sooo cold!

Darla said...

precious week with your kiddos. i was totally relating to you on it being hard enough just to have the kids where they need to be and dressed appropriately, that is a hard enough job! i enjoyed catching up with you all. be blessed!

Mimi said...

Such a great week of pics!

Hugs & love,

Kim said...

Well, if mom stars are being handed out, you definitely deserve one :) The idea of an hour with a bunch of hyper five year olds is enough to send most of us running in the other direction. lol Seriously though, how precious are all those little outfits?!

Lots of great photos (as always). You do a fabulous job!

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week of the flower pretty. And love love love the one of the hanging costumes...I would have to say that it is one of my favs being a former dancer (and no flash b/c is blinds the dancers whe they see the flash in the darkened room) I am sure she did great though!

The Bug said...

Love the girls all dressed up for the tea party - to cute. And Aiden's grin in his ball cap :) The colors for that wedding were really cool - I'll check out the other pics here in a bit (if they're there now).