Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There's A Doctor in the House!

We just had a nice weekend in Philly, sharing in the celebration of my cousin Melody receiving her doctorate.  I chose to just bring the girls because they are almost no work and I thought it'd be nice to get some time with them.  My sister brought her three oldest, for similar reasons.  The seven of us loaded in her van and set off.  Unlike me, Amy is very good with directions so Shaun has no worries when I'm with her. :)

After we located Melody and her parents, we got food.  
 Then it was time to head to the ceremony.  There was a larger, ticketed one earlier in the day, so this afternoon one was on a much smaller scale.

Levi was very energetic with the hugs he was giving Amanda as we waited...
Since it was smaller, they read the title of all the PhD's dissertations.  Several of the titles had words I had never heard. Others has shocking topics, as in really??  you just spent the last _ years of your life researching and writing about that??   Melody's was in Sociology:
"Navigating Neighborhoods: How Social Networks and Space Shape the Decisions and Experiences of Families in Housing Mobility Programs."
There was a snafu with the traditional "hooding" and it took Melody's advisor a full minute and a half to get it around her neck.  It went from soft nervous laughter to a full out roar from the crowd....of course, her loving family laughing loudest of all.  It was hilarious and will undoubtly come up at family gathering for the next, oh....ten years, give or take.  We love you, Mel!
 It was a beautiful evening to take pictures and walk around the city.  This is all of my family that made it from Connecticut.
 My aunt and uncle, cousins.
Just us girls.
 The graduate...we were so proud!

 After a little walk around the city, we went to an Italian restaurant.  It was good food, good company.  Melody had been there before, but hadn't remembered all the nude photos and paintings and...sculptures.    You can count on it everytime...experiencing things with kids will make you see things like you haven't before. :)

 See what I mean? :)
The next morning as we turned the corner from our hotel, we came across the "Rocky steps" at the Philly Museum.
 We hopped out to take a couple kids had no idea why they were posing like this. :)
 This is right before Nathanael tripped down about six steps and his poor mom had to watch it happen from the van....he was ok, just a little scraped up.

 After hanging out in Melody's apartment for a bit we hit the town, via the trolley and subway....very exciting for the kids, a little nerve-wracking for the adults.
 Amy snuck one of me and Amanda.

 We spent some time in the visitor center...
 ...then walked over to see the Liberty Bell.

 We grabbed lunch at one of the carts.  I was skeptical, but Melody assured us Philadelphia is known for their really good (and safe!) lunch carts.  It was very good (and so reasonable) with lots of healthy choices, though I ended up ordering a Philly Cheese have to, right?

 It was completely awe-inspiring to be in this city which holds so much of our country's history.  To hear and read about those men (and women) who had the guts, the character, the passion to write and sign our Declaration of Independence...amazing.  It struck me anew that as they signed they were fairly certain they were signing their death sentence.  They just don't make 'em like the used to.
The boys faired well back at home.  Shaun sent me these two pictures over the weekend.  Aiden is all about doing man stuff and they did plenty of it.

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Melody said...

This is such a nice post! Thank so much for capturing the occasion, and for sharing it with me. SO fun and special to have the three of you in Philly! Much love.