Friday, June 22, 2012

First Grade Wrap-Up

We had a few reservation as we sent this little six-year old off to school last year, but she did famously in every way.

First day of school....

Last day of school 
Here is a sampling of her work, the first from September, the second from June....a marked improvement!

It reads:

There was a pig named Wilbur.  He was born and a little girl named Fern found him and her dad wanted to kill him because he was very little.  But her dad let her keep it and she was so excited and she brout it into the house.  And she showed her mother what she found.  The next day Mr. Arble brought Wilbur to the barn for him to stay in forever.  Sometimes Fern and Avery viseted Wilbur at the barn.

The next morning he had heard a voice calling his name.  It was a spider named Charlott.  She was hanging from her web.  Wilbur said who are you.  And she said I am a spider.  Then after a while she was staying with Charlott.  Then one day she went out of the barn and ran away and Lurvy the duck was trying to find him.  Then he was found and the next morning Charlott said they are going to kill you.

They actually read this book out loud as a class and Avery alternated with the teacher every third chapter.  So funny to see her sitting in front reading to a audience of her peers in rapt attention.

Top 8 Things I Will NOT Miss About School:
  1. Having Avery gone
  2. Saying "let's go" no less than 15 times each morning
  3. Early school nights
  4. Saying "time to go...we're going to be late!" more than once each morning
  5. Missing Avery
  6. Saying "did you brush your hair?  It doesn't look like you brushed your hair" exactly twice each day
  7. Papers.  A never-ending stream of papers.
  8. Wishing Avery was with us.
All in all it really was a good year.  We are in love with the school and have a new appreciation for it after our experience with the public school from Z.  

Whenever it comes up that our kids go to private school, the first response is usually, Oh, we could never afford that!  After a glimpse into our public schools, we think we can't afford NOT to send our kids there.  Our priority list is: charity (including tithe). mortgage, food and school tuition.  For us, its just that simple.

Avery thrived in school, both academically and socially.  The kids didn't really branch off much together, it was more the seven boys played together and the seven girls played together.

Mrs. Morell was her sweet teacher who was easy to work with and who made a special track for Avery to follow, complete with her own reading group and a separate spelling test each week.  So grateful for teachers who care!

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