Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project 365, Week 22

Ahhh...what a fabulous week!  Started with a holiday weekend and in the middle we had a two-day anniversary celebration.  The weather was incredible and we got refreshed and renewed.

May 27
We often go out to breakfast on Sunday morning, just the five of us while Z is at his visit...its a nice time of extra attention for the kids.
We enjoyed an evening outside at a minor league game.
May 28
Our Memorial Day was, by design, nice and quiet.

May 29
We all went to watch Amanda play soccer.
Well...some of us watched and some of us practiced cart wheels.  :)
May 30
Our Anniversary!  Though I felt like two unmarried people because we couldn't be away for the night together...we had to get home to stay with Z.  Can you guess where we spent the day?

One of our favorite places to do together.  We saw Memphis and had lovely meals on either side.  And I got to hold Shaun's hand a lot.  :)
May 31
An amazing 10 for sure!
Amazingly, we got another day together!  This time we headed north to NH.  We are in the market for an 8-passenger vehicle, so we used that as an excuse.  It was a gorgeous day and we thoroughly enjoyed our car ride up and back together.
 Meanwhile, the kids were having a blast with grandparents at Mystic Seaport.
Z had a field trip this day, which knocked him out.  When I checked on him he was on the couch reading, the next time he was sound asleep just like this.
June 1
Avery wanted me to take pictures of her new (and very brave for her) skill of jumping off the swing.  We did lots of tries and it actually ended up being a great time for just the two of us to be together, chatting....I seek those opportunities out more and more these days.
 June 2
Our town held its annual Victorian Home Tour.  Our neighbor, who was hosting a Victorian Tea asked if the girls would help be greeters.  They were happy to have an excuse to get dolled up.
Meanwhile, I had my first wedding of the season.  I was nervous, but everything went pretty much as expected.
Hope your week is great!


LuAnn said...

It does look like you had a fun week.

Glad your anniversary was special too.

sara said...

so cool that you can just drive to new york for the day! What did you think of Memphis?

I have some pictures of my kids sleeping in strange funny!!

Lot's of weddings on Saturday!

The Bug said...

That looks like a great anniversary - congrats you two!

I'm amazed at the way kids can just sleep any where, any way.

Love your girls all dressed up :)