Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February Recap

On my "favorite months of the year" list, February ranks pretty low. (Sorry to those of you who hold it close to your heart!).  This was a particularly difficult one and it took some effort to "rejoice and be glad" in each day.  

Before we leave the month too far behind, I wanted to post some pictures that didn't make it.  All of everyday, routine stuff that I love and feel so blessed to be a part of (well, maybe not ALL of the snow pictures :)

Though the photos would prove different, Aiden is not my favorite child, he's just the one I'm with all day long and I'm thankful for our special relationship.  Nearly once a day I use our inside jokes and gentle teasing to get him to laugh so hard he hiccups.

 The trick to staying on the lines is to pretend there is a different kind of shark swimming around each rectangle.  I know you're impressed that I can name that many different sharks.  :)

 Colonel Mustard carrying a jetpack.

 A near meltdown trying to decide which basketball shorts to wear to his sister's practice.  Seriously??

 Science experiments, though few and far between, are THE highlight of school.


Amy Joy said...

Ah! These are so great! That's one of my favorite verses too! :)

Lisa said...

What I like about that verse is that R put it up after discovering it in his morning devotional book. So cool!!

The Bug said...

I love all these pictures a whole bunch, but my very favorite is superman leaping into the air :)