Sunday, March 9, 2014

Project 365, Week 10

Its been slooooww going, but we are getting hints that Spring might possibly be around the corner and what sweet relief that is!

We partied hard on Shaun's side this week, and an embarrassing number of days I only have pictures of Aiden playing Legos.  He is with them every chance he gets so I guess its a bit representative of what our week actually did look like.

March 2
We honored Shaun's grandfather for his 95th!! birthday.  So thankful for his presence in our lives!  Hope we get to celebrate his life for many more years. (not my best group shot ever :)
 March 3
The night before, Daddy had made Aiden an airplane and Aiden couldn't sputter out his words fast enough when he was telling me about it.
 March 4
 March 5
Ash Wednesday!  Unlike last year, I did not wonder what was on her head.  I'm learning and am excited about our lent activities.
 March 6
See what I mean?
 March 7
Tapping the maple trees...that's a good sign!

Since last year, the kids have talked about tapping the trees with Pop on and off all year.  Last year we had Z and he LOVED it.  Made me miss him.
 March 8
We had a shower for Shaun's sister, who is due in just a month!

 My first shower where the dad-to-be was present and involved and excited.  So sweet.

 Beautiful ladies.  Sienna did an incredible job planning the shower...she wowed everyone with her craftiness and attention to detail.
 All of the girls on Shaun's side....out of focus and with a photo bomber above my head.  Regardless, I'm so thankful for each one of them and that I get to call them family.
 The shower, which my girls had been counting down the weeks and days to, was a success...clearly!

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The Bug said...

Lots of lovely ladies in your family! Love Amanda's dress in that last group shot.

I kind of miss Z too...