Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project 365, Week 11

This week we were feeling equal parts excitement and discouragement (is that a word??) about the weather.  It was beautiful and then it was freezing, but you can be sure we sucked the best out of the beautiful that we could.

We were outside when we could be and we spent lots of time looking for signs of spring...bits of green popping up everywhere there is not still a snow cover.  So glorious!  Renewed hope!

You may sense a bit of our glee as you look through our week.

The flowers are springing up, the season of singing birds has come, and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air.  Song of Solomon 2:12

March 9
While Shaun worked inside, R and I did some fall clean-up (a few months late) at one of the rentals.  Definitely beats being there shoveling!
March 10
Redneck sailing.

 March 11
Mom, this is my horse-riding cap.
 The de-icing work we've done in our driveway is beginning to pay off.
 The boys and I ate lunch on the porch!!

We're walking to/from school again!!

 March 12
I dropped Aiden off to work with Shaun at the old house.  You can see him walking in, carrying his tool box and right after I snapped this, he turned around with a giant smile and waved to his momma.
 Grandma stopped by for a visit and read the bedtime story.
 March 13
Cousins came over and we were so happy to see them AND Juliet.
 March 14
Shaun was off until 4 PM, so he took Aiden with him to do his apartment work.

I got SO much done...didn't realize how much Aiden chats, which I love, but the day was productive.

Anyway, when they got home, I heard tales of them stopping at a lego store.  It was immediately necessary to build the plane they'd purchased.
 Flowers on the walk home from school.
 We are doing respite this weekend and I was responsible to transportation both ways.  Since S lives very near our church, I took both him and R to youth group.  Too far to drive home, I found a hard, cold seat at the coffee shop and read for two hours.  Not a bad way to spend a Friday night!

 March 15
Captain America
 and little girls coloring in the tree house.
 R has gotten involved in the video ministry at church and we had to be there 2.5 hours early!  Avery and I made the best of it.  :)

She posted this to Instagram with the caption: Me and my girl reading.  :)
 S tagged along to the video meeting and ended up being put to work.  How cool to see these two boys in church on a Saturday night, serving!
Have a great week!!


Amy said...

Hilarious that Avery posted that to Instagram! Favorites were Aiden with the toolbox off to work, the boots, and the box sledding??

The Bug said...

Love the sailing pictures - so cool! And Avery on the swing. And the girls reading :)

Lisa Raub said...

Wow, you're up to 10 miles? Every Monday?? It makes me tired just thinking about it!

Great running! ...and you're a brave soul to run in the freezing cold, too. Right now I'm able to have my time with The Lord before my run, but when it gets really hot in the summer here, I'll be getting up crazy early to run. It always feels good to be able to sit and enjoy The Lord knowing I've gone for a run!