Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thought Check

My thought life had taken a vacation from the discipline and boundaries I usually subject it to.  

The problem was growing larger, ballooning into this thing that could not be contained and was growing larger by the hour.  It reminded me Otto the Fish in the book my mom and dad read to us over and over, A Fish Out of Water.

Suddenly a verse popped into my head that I'd memorized years ago.  Could it be that easy??  Could some of the problem possibly be because of the negative thoughts rolling around in my head??

I quickly wrote down the verse and posted it in three different locations where I could see and and say it and put what I was thinking about through that checklist.

And honesty, none of the circumstances changed, by my attitude started to, almost immediately and within the day that problem (in my head) had shrunk way down.

Problems or no, this is just a good checklist to follow!

Philippians 4:8


Ashley Beth said...

Love the reminder. Let's take our thoughts captive! May our hearts and minds be wound tightly in the Lord's mighty grip today and always.

The Bug said...

I think I'll post this in my car - that's where my thoughts head south the most often :)