Sunday, March 2, 2014

Project 365, Week 9

I was dwelling on this throughout the week from She Reads Truth:

The Bible is The Story. God’s story.
It is not about us. It is about Him.
This Story – the true tale of the Kingdom of God and the revelation of Jesus Christ – is ongoing and everlasting, the beginning and the end. And we are in it, whether we are aware of it or not.
It is The Story of a God who created in love, who revealed Himself fully through Jesus, and who accomplishes His purposes and His glory through a relentless, magnificent outpouring of grace and mercy on the likes of us. It is a redemption story, and though it is ourredemption story, it is still all about Him. It is for His glory.
(Do you hear the freedom in that today? The story does not have to be about you. You do not have to be the star. You are free from performing a flawless act, free from outlining the perfect plot, free from orchestrating impressive, camera-worthy moments. That’s all God’s job. This is His Story.)

 February 23
As a family, we enjoyed Shaun's first day off in many, many weeks.  We spent some time at an apartment, getting it ready to rent.  The kids worked a little...
...but mostly they play hide-n-seek and took turns giving dance performances.
 Then later at the house they stepped it up a notch with costumes.

 I took R out driving and we found a place for the dog to run (and enjoyed the melting snow!)
 February 24
Because of a priest's death, there was no school for the girls.
 We made cookies to bring to Great-Grandpa for his birthday.

 February 25
At bedtime it occurred to me that I hadn't pulled out my camera all day, so as Aiden and I were snuggling, we played on photobooth.
 February 26
Another day off!!  After lunch, Shaun read an Avengers book to Aiden.  He is into superheros as much as the girls were into princesses.  I can name most of the princesses, the superheros I'm learning.

I am enjoying the web hearts that Spiderman fashions in the air for me throughout the day.  :)

Goodbye, Froggy Boots.  You were good to us, and even though you were rarely put on the right feet you were comfortable and easy to put on.  But you no longer keep water out, so we must bid you ado.
 Hello, Spidermans!
 February 27
Having lunch and deep discussions with this dude.  I will need to attend seminary soon if I'm going to keep up with our theological discussions that randomly and often pop up.  This day it was hell and satan and he was drilling me about the end times which, by the way, has lots of not family-friendly parts!
 February 28
I know, I know...the project that won't go away!  Avery's class held an open house to do presentations on their project.
 While there, I was "mystery reader" for Amanda's class.  She was thrilled and the class of 21 were polite and attentive.
 Mom, I'm dancing in the sunshine!
March 1
After church we had some friends over for dinner that we hadn't seen in months.


The Bug said...

Aw - I'm sad to see the froggy boots go away, but I'm sure Spiderman will be MUCH loved :)

I love that picture of the dog running - he looks so happy.

You know, I was a big questioner when I was a kid, but I ended up just deciding that if God could make the world, then I didn't have to worry all that much about the ins & outs of everything. Made my life much easier :)

Amy said...

Yay for new boots!!!