Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome, Spring

Yesterday the calendar turned to Spring...did you notice?  I welcome it every year, but after the particularly cold and snowy winter we've had, it is an especially happy occasion!

The girls had a half day so I picked them up, let them change their clothes and we were off to DQ and the nearby park.

The weather man promised a 55 degree day with sun, instead what we got was a 45 degree day with NO sun....big difference.  But we pressed on, our spirits could not be dampened!

 Pouting because he's been promised a punishment when we get home.
 Happy listening to their giggles and glee.
 After homework, they dug out the sidewalk chalk and made a track, then held races.

 By the time I got out, they all had Indian war paint on their faces.  Dunno....maybe the "Custer's Last Stand" book we just read??

Three cheers for Spring.  Welcome, welcome!!

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The Bug said...

Oh that energy! It's cool to see R running with them :)