Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boston Run

Back when it was cold and there was snow on the ground, I signed up for this half marathon in Boston.  The "Remember" part was for the fallen first responders of the city.

Pop and Kiki kept the kids overnight so we could get up at 3:45 AM to make it to the 7 AM start.  Once we got close, Shaun dropped me off so I could pick up my registration packet and he could park.  We were able to meet up for a quick kiss before I ducked into the starting line.   It was SO great to have him there with me. 

Between the 5-mile and the Half, there were 13,000 runners!  We were packed in, just like the Thanksgiving Day race I do every year.

So tight, in fact, it was after mile 3 before I could get into my pace.  And I knew my pace because I was wearing the Garmin that Shaun and the kids had gotten me for Mother's Day.  WOW...what a difference maker to be able to know what my pace is while I'm running.  Go figure!  :)
(from their FB page)

From my perspective:
And Shaun's:

The course was amazingly beautiful!!  We crossed the Charles River and then ran along it.  I passed the Boston Ballet and ran down Commonwealth Ave.  It was so quiet and picturesque.  The weather was PERFECT...mid 50's and really doesn't get better for running.
No backpacks were allowed, no spectators were allowed at the finish line and many places were closed off.  There was a definite sense that some of our freedom was taken away by the acts of the two at the Boston Marathon.  So sad.
I finished in 2:01:59, which is a 9:19 pace, 484-1408 for females 30-39 and 3198th place overall.  Since I have my fancy new Garmin, I have all kinds of information available.  This is most of my race data until it went wonky at the end (Shaun thinks the tall, tight buildings might have interfered with the signal:

I didn't get the sub-2 I was hoping for, but I felt strong and am happy with my results.  And next year I'll line up closer to the start line!

It was SO much fun...doing something I love, in a city I love, with the person I love.  I'm thankful for two legs that faithfully carry me!

I'm also grateful for the support I get from friends and family.  Minutes after I crossed the finish line there was a text from my sister, wondering how I did and people ask regularly about my training and progress.  Even though you might not understand my craziness, you show that you care, and that means so much!


LuAnn said...

Proud of you Lisa!

Meg A. said...

Woohoo! Amazing! Love the photos!

Melody said...

Awesome! You are racking up the half marathons!

Michelle Curtis said...

Oh how I wish I could run... guess I should just wake up one morining and actually try!

The Bug said...

Way to go!