Sunday, May 11, 2014

Project 365, Week 19

Happy Mother's Day!  Hope you're having a special day.

May 4
Avery and I were helping Shaun clean out the garage and as the sky kept changing we kept looking for the rainbow...and there it was!  I really think it was the most vivid rainbow I've ever seen.
 May 5
Normally Shaun does the showings, but this week I showed our old house twice and it was very sad and discouraging.

We loved that house and poured into it for 15 years and I just assumed someone else would see it and love it for the amazing Victorian that it is.  But its a lifestyle house and most people don't get it.

Aiden took three dozen pictures with the iPad.  He said "so he could remember" the house.
 Softball!  What a huge bonus having both girls on the same team.
 I love watching Shaun be a dad....always teaching and instructing, with patience and gentleness.  Amanda has gotten highly confused with right and left (she writes left-handed, but has been batting righty), so Shaun's been working with her.

 Surprisingly, Avery loves to be catcher.

 May 6
Track meet.  R always glances over to make sure we're watching.  This look though was wow...that pole is really high, hope I can clear it!

 Loved the kids "outfits".

Amanda trying to give Aiden baseball-playing tips from her vast wealth of knowledge and experience. It didn't go over very well.
 May 7
Several days this week, Aiden dragged out his equipment and practiced by himself.  He said he needs to be the BEST player on his team.  His daddy's son.

 Working to make the old house pretty.
 When we got home we'd found Uncle Nathan had adjusted the tire swing, so we gave it a try.
 May 8
Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.  Proverbs 19:11

One of those days.

Wish I'd instead documented the wonderful girls-night-out I had with three women who have my back and challenge me to be a better person and to follow hard after God.
May 9
We got to babysit a 2 year-old over the weekend.  He's so happy, affectionate and full of life.  Although I consider Aiden to still be little, I realized its really been a while since cribs and nasty diapers.

May 10
Lots of baseball and softball and Aiden's first time out.  Oh. My. Word.  The cuteness!!


The Bug said...

You're right about that! So cute! I remember playing catcher - I think I was maybe 10 or so? I wore glasses & I had the hardest time taking the mask off to catch pop flies - I was always ripping my glasses off with the mask. Although, frankly, I was TERRIBLE at softball so the glasses didn't really matter :)

How many times did she (?) have to write? Makes my hand cramp to think about it :)

I just know that the perfect family will come along and adore your old house!

sara said...

Avery looks like she is dancing when she bats!!

Soooo...find us a church aaaannnd we'll buy the house!! win/win!! I know I would LOVE it!! :)

Amy said...

I love the pictures of Aiden practicing tball. What a guy! I should get him over here to teach my boys some stuff! -- Also love the picture of Ray clearing the pole!