Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Florida, Part II

Our last day in Florida was spent at Busch Gardens, a popular place for adults and kids alike.  The weather was beautiful and the crowds were small, setting us up for the perfect day.

The grounds are immaculately kept...they take the "Garden" part of their name seriously.

 R was excited to do the roller coasters so he set off with that crazy group.

 Heart to heart.

 Avery and I took the three little kids.  She had a map and was not afraid to use it.  :)

I watched in amazement as she navigated us around, noticing signs I didn't, looking at the map and having it make sense.

  The three hippos were a big hit!


 This series of pictures makes me laugh out loud.

 Ninja moves.

Finally, Shaun and Amanda joined our little group after they'd done Amanda's little roller coaster cicuit.  We asked Avery what she wanted to do since she'd worked so hard all day and had been so patient.  She requested bumper cars and thankfully, she just met the height requirement to be able to drive!

 This picture was for Uncle Tony.  When Aiden talks of being a pilot (though he wants to fly helicopters), Uncle Tony always asks Aiden to reserve him a spot in the co-pilot seat.

Aiden truly thought he was flying and is already talking about next year, that he will fly it high the whole time.  :)

 When the whole group met back up, there were lots of stories to tell!
 Our traditional family picture in front of the bathrooms ornate mosaic.
I'm so grateful we had another opportunity to go!  Though none of us are perfect and we deal with our fair share of "issues", I'm so thankful for family.  Truly a gift to have people.

Thank you, Nana and Grandpa John for another year of memory-making.  The 2015 countdown has begun!  :)


Meg A. said...

What a fantastic trip! So many great shots and memories. I think my favorite has to be Avery with the Littles- sweet little Mama! And Aiden with his haircut? Didn't think that kid could get cuter but oh my word!!

Amy said...

I scrolled through these posts and kept looking for the 'like' button on certain pictures. Some really precious shots.

Amy said...

Avery reminds me of me at that age :) So sweet watching her gather her little chicks.

sara said...

I had no idea Busch Gardens had so much to offer!! I've never been there.

Love the picture sequence with Avery and the kids! :)

The Bug said...

I love the Little Mama Avery shots too - but my favorite is Aiden talking so seriously with his Nana - I'd love to know what they were talking about :)