Sunday, May 18, 2014

Project 365, Week 20

Such a great week with lots of life happening.  

Shaun rented one of the apartments and we turned our attention to the old house because he had a very promising lead coming to look at it on Saturday.  It needs so. much. work. but we did what we could to "spruce it up" inside and out.

Today we celebrate R's 18th birthday, and we've had a fun weekend with that.

God is good all the time.

May 11
Mothers Day!  The weather was absolutely perfect and we got in a very quiet, very special, much needed family day.  The kids were super excited about all the plans and "secrets" they had and their enthusiasm blessed me.
Best way to start any day!
 When I got home, the chefs were hard at work making breakfast.  Pancakes and strawberry shortcake. :)

 Then we put together a "garden", which I will post about.
 I enjoyed the evening with a little sun on my face and a good book.  Such a sweet, humbling day.  That I get to be the mom to these kids simply astounds me.  So unworthy of my calling.
 May 12
Then reality set in.  :)
The girls worked together to make several outs while playing first and second base.

May 13

 Aiden "doing Jazz" .

 Later he changed into an interesting pajama ensemble and went downstairs by himself to workout.  He was doing "pushups and running skills".
 May 14
We took a work break at the old house to play catch with the "waffle ball".
 May 15
I SO dislike speedwork, but after, I feel like a superstar.
 We got to have Wy-Guy for a sleepover and he and Aiden couldn't have been happier about it.
 Later, Elizabeth came to pick him up and the cousins got some time together.

 Family work evening at the old house.

 May 16
Inside clean up that felt kind of like a date since the big kids were at school and Aiden was with my dad.

 Aiden spent the day "doing the Lord's work", at a nursing home and then some hospital visits.
 May 17
R's birthday weekend!  I picked him up from his track meet and surprised him with a carload of buddies and a fun day of activities.
 Love this look.  :)
 The girls were a bit put out to not be involved in all that the big boys were doing, so we watched a movie together.  I introduced them to Herbie the Love Bug.  :)
Hope you have a great week!!


sara said...

Herbie, one of my favorites..that and the Gnome mobile!

The Bug said...

What a great week for you guys! I'm glad you had some celebrating to do :)