Sunday, May 25, 2014

Project 365, Week 21

May 18
We continued our celebration of (and recovery from) R's birthday.  We spent some time at Sarah's house, soaking in the sweetness of this little guy.

May 19
Work on the trench continues....

May 20
Tough day on the job.  :)  My boss invited all of us to a conference in Boston.  The food and location were exquisite and the people warm and brimming with knowledge.

Colombo is highly respected in this community and I'm always to proud to go and be associated with such a class act.  He does all his dealings with integrity and always tries to do the right thing, whatever the cost.

I also got to ride up and back with our two other employees, both great women and fun to be with.

 This was my view from the deck where we sat in the evening sun enjoying hor d'oeuvres .
 While I was there, Amy sent me these of the Roman bath house...
 ...and later Aiden proudly told me that they'd turned the water black.  :)
 And back at the house, Nathan sent me this, along with this quote from Aiden:

Hakuna matata.  It means no Amanda for the rest of your days.  Its your problem free thilosoby.  :)
 May 21
My sweet little Catholic school girl.

 May 22
I finally bit the bullet and reached out to a running coach.  I'm not planning on winning any races, but I feel like I've exhausted my expertise and have proved myself faithful in the training I've done on my own.  I'd like to better my pace and prevent injury and I found someone at a price I could swallow.

Anyway, they had me come in to get a baseline.  I ran a total of two miles around the track, at varying paces and every two laps I'd stop so they could take a little blood and check my heart rate.

At the end, one of the trainers said, HOW old are you??  39. have the heart of a young buck.  Why, thank you!  That is one of the top five reasons I do what I do.  (I also live for the inevitable reaction of the nurse taking my blood pressure exclaiming how low it is).

Walking in there I felt a little like an old, frumpy mom, among these twenty-something elite athletes, but I'm determined to get out of it what's right for me.  Wish me luck!  :)

 The kids had a half day, so Avery found some science experiments for the three of them to do.  There was an oil and water one,
 and shadow puppets.

 They also made a fort in anticipation of the long weekend when they are allowed to sleep in the same bed.
 May 23
I met with the high school guidance counselor and made some...ah, adjustments to next year's class schedule that R and a counselor had put together.  Lifeguard Training and Culinary I are out, AP English and Honors Physics are in.  :)

It took a while, so I got to read all the signs around the room.  I have NEVER subscribed to the theory that there are no dumb questions.  SO not true!
 Amanda had her first non-family playdate.  She was a little nervous and so was I, but they are a super sweet family from school and it was just the two girls and the mom.

These two have recently formed a bond because they have stuck up for each other and have refused to be a part of the meanness that many of the other second-grade girls are participating in.  SO sad that we're already dealing with that but I'm proud of Amanda for standing up for what she believes.  We've got a long road ahead!
May 24
While Pop and Kiki were with R at his last track meet, cousins were with us at the kids games, which happened to be in the same place at the same time.

 Loving this time in our lives right now.

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I miss those days of cheering my brother on at his baseball games - fun!