Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Day

This Christmas was like no other in that I was just incredibly thankful to be here for it. My perspective on life and living is forever changed and each day, each holiday, each hug is cherished just a little bit more.

Not knowing how I would be feeling, or who would be sick, we tossed around several different scenarios of how Christmas would happen this year. In the end we decided to host at our house, which is how we've done Christmas for the past 18 years. It was so important to me to keep with tradition and not have something like stupid cancer throw everything off. And while it was here, I really didn't do much in the way of hosting...all the ladies outdid themselves with the food they made and brought and of course, Uncle Lee the bacon master!

And we had a legit Christmas miracle...everyone (except my mom's husband) was present and feeling well. I think its safe to say this has never happened. This year we had 15 adults and 15 children and usually putting all those people together for a couple days creates a germ free-for-all. God is so good to work out those details!

There are entirely too many pictures here (taken by me, Amy and Elizabeth/Tim), but I deemed them all essential for telling the story of the day. You can just do a quick scroll through, or skip them entirely, but I wanted to have them forever.

Many of the cousins slept over and the girls woke up and got right to looking at the tags on presents.

If there are any "stocking rules" in existence, we've definitely broken them. And hanging by the chimney with care? Impossible!

Miss Sadie Lou Who was so fun to have around. Such a good, sweet baby!

Cousins...the only thing any of these kids want for Christmas.

The kids all pick one name and the adults all pick a name.

The adult swap....ALWAYS good for some gut-splitting laughs. Its a secret swap so there is often some clever packaging and tagging.

Some Aunt Bonnie and Amy goodness right there.

And then the ever-popular "talent" show. As you will see, its an "anything goes" kind of event.

With the work of some strong men, the dining room is transformed into a theater, live and unedited.
My dad and Kiki playing the part of Madison and Renna doing a dance.

C4 has mad juggling skills, the glow-in-the-dark balls adding an extra "awe" effect.

All on their own the kids put on a play of the night of Jesus's birth.


Meg A. said...

Yay! I was worried Christmas wasn't going to make it's way to the blog! Too many to pick favorites because they are all SO good. Pop and Kiki are an obvious choice though! :) And that baby!!! Oh my word, so delicious and sweet!

The Bug said...

I was going to say that Sadie Lou Who won Christmas, but your dad & Kiki gave her a run for her money :)

Amy said...

Good times!

Ryan said...

Love all these photos - I'm glad you included them all, they tell the story so well! Pop and Kiki are killer! My goodness!

sara said...

I smiled through this whole post!!! the love your family shares just shines through EVERY picture!!

I would really like to see a video of the "dad and kiki show"!! :)