Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project 365, Week 4

It is a beautiful day where we are...sunny, with a covering of white. We were able to get outside quite a bit with "mild" temps in the 30s. Hey...its January...we take what we can get!

January 18
Apparently kids cooking pancakes on Sunday morning is becoming a tradition.
It was a quiet, lazy day of hanging out, building forts and Amanda being sick.
January 19
Martin Luther King Day "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."

(photo credit:??)

We have our very own pond/skating rink right in our yard.

Amanda helped me do school with Aiden.
January 20
Happy boy, happy dog.
January 21
If you are at our house and you can't find Aiden, he is most likely sitting on his feet in the living room  building ships and aircraft (equipped with copious guns)...hours and hours a day with legos.
This picture was taken at exactly 5:30 PM. See that light?? We're getting minutes added each day!!
January 22
All three kids had cried at some point in the day for various reasons, so we did something crazy and not recommended on a daily basis...we left mid-homework to hit the drive-thru for $1 cones. On this day it changed the tide.
January 23
Our second littlest cousin came for a visit...
...he brought his mom along, too. :)
Mom, this is the size bread that Jesus and his buddies ate at the Last Supper.
January 24
It was literally an answer to my kids' prayer that there were a couple inches of snow when they awoke. I was happy it was on a Saturday so we didn't have to spend a school day. They threw on their snow gear over their pajamas and were out in a flash!
Later in the afternoon Alayna came over.

Hope you have a great week!


Amy said...

Aiden's comment about the bread!

Darla said...

always love your photos!

The Bug said...

Love that shot of Aiden levitating over the "pond" - very cool!

Ashley Beth said...

Legos are the biggest hit in our home too!