Monday, January 26, 2015

Doing Battle, Week 18

Most of this week went really well and cancer was a second thought then later in the week I started to think about what's after this, and what the next steps will look like....there's a whole lot there looming.

On Saturday a friend reminded me that Monday, today, is a day to celebrate and I was glad because I'd kind of lost that thought and its a good one to pause at. There is reason to celebrate!  Many who start this regiment don't finish it. I haven't gotten sick since before October and my blood counts have always been "perfect" or "good". I'm so grateful for those things!

My first treatment began when the trees were still spectacularly autumn-y, which feels ages ago. To use an over-used cliche, its been a "roller coaster ride" filled with way too much drama for this simple, does-not-do-rides girl.

Though I've woken up each day not entirely sure what to expect from my body, there's at least been a rhythm.  But after this treatment is over we'll head into a familiar, yet unpredictable phase, one that involves more tests and consultations and waiting by the phone to determine time frames and action steps. And this time it will be without Shaun, who will be working crazy hours for the next three weeks.

But this morning, even as I type, my Team, my people are sending me messages rejoicing with me that we, ALL of us, have made it to this point. Eight of eight is GOOD!

Also, God delivered a gift to us yesterday. Its such a God-thing that its not even anything we could have known to specifically pray for.

Back in the fall my cousin Melody applied and was accepted for a semester sabbatical (she's a professor at a college in NY). When she was here for Christmas she offered herself to us. So many have, but what is great and unique about Melody is that she can live here but still continue with the writing she needs to accomplish (and get published!!) this semester. Therefore, my guilt at tying up someone's time is eased. For us, its the perfect situation and nothing we could have dreamed up or asked for. SO like God to just arrange that for us!

I'm so thankful that even though there are so many unanswered questions, so much of the journey left, that I don't need to be worried, troubled or anxious. I can abide in His peace and know that the Lord cannot be overcome because He has overcome.


sara said...

Yay for eight!!! I am celebrating with you!

I love that verse...I think I will have to add it to my 24 trust verses!

sending hugs and love and prayers your way!

Karen said...

What a day it is to celebrate. I have been praying and thinking of you. You are really amazing, Lisa. So happy eight is here and you made it through with such grace and strength. Wonderful news+ wonderful Melody. God IS good. Love you! K

The Bug said...

Oh excellent! So glad that you'll have some guilt free help during this next part of the journey...

Melody said...

Love you all! :)

Ashley Beth said...

Yes! Abide! Such a truth to recall in the midst of each and every day. I'm so happy for you that you are moving into the next phase here very soon. God is so present and magnificent in your journey and you shine His light well. Prayers and praises for you this week!

Gil Bourquin said...

I am so proud and amazed at your toughness...AND tenderness. Tough to fight, and tender and sensitive to the Lord and those around you. Love you!

Meg A. said...

I'm SO thankful for your sweet cousin. That God worked it all out so Shaun can be where he needs to be and you have the support at home...doesn't surprise me one bit but I am so grateful she's able to do it and so willing!