Sunday, January 4, 2015

Project 365, Week 1

Welcome to the 2015 version of Project 365! Incredibly, this will be my seventh year doing a picture a day...that's a lot of our family out on the web! Blogging has been such a rich experience for me, in so many way could you have convinced me of the ways I would be affected when I very hesitantly, and not without significant peer-pressure, started in 2008. I appreciate the wisdom and encouragement I've received from so many and the relationships I've built. 

Safe to say I have no idea what twists and turns this year will take, but I know that through the exercise of documenting the year, I will be able to look back and say, Surely, God was faithful.

Thanks so much for joining me here each means a lot.

Oh, how I wish our first week of 2015 looked different, but this is it. Someday I hope to understand.

December 28
Distant family showed up, bearing lunch and listening ears, for no other reason than to be present with us.

December 29
My only picture from the day. Bleh!
December 30
Knowing I would be out of commission for a couple days, the kids set up shop at cousins.
December 31
Pretty tree in oncology. Pump off day!
January 1
Amy and Colombo took the kids ice-skating and met friends there, too. I was kind of surprised they got Aiden out on the ice, but all three kids raved about the experience. Thanks for the pictures, Meg!

 Yup...totally related to that one in the blue laying on the ice. ;)
 It would no doubt be enlightening to have an ear in this conversation between R and M.

 Rangling the littles, including week-old O! So cute!
Shaun met up with Amy and brought the kids over to see great-grandma for the traditional New Year's Day visit.
January 2
Clinging to the promise that the sun will rise again each day.

The sun rises and the sun sets, then hurries around to rise again. Ecclesiastes 1:5
January 3
In case you need an interpretation, this is called doing school in the car while the girls are at voice lessons.


Meg A. said...

Haha, I hadn't noticed T laying in the center of the rink until you pointed it out! Your kids did great out there, especially the brave!

The Bug said...

I've only tried ice skating once - when I was in college. Yeah, that experience didn't make me want to ever try again. We didn't have ice skating in NC when I was a kid - ha!.