Monday, January 19, 2015

Doing Battle, Week 17

I don't mean for this to be the Pollyanna version of this week, but I honestly can't remember the hard parts very well, and really there weren't many. They are nearly eclipsed by the answered prayer and blessings that abounded.

This week had so many things going for it.

Bullets, shall we?

  • It was treatment #7, which means just ONE more left. That means we are counting days. DAYS! Not unknown months, not all-too-familiar weeks, but just days.
  • Since its January, our insurance deductible started over. Through many incredibly generous donations, I was able to pay the $2100 to get treatment without worry. Hard to imagine, but they will not treat without upfront payment.
  • My wonderful nurse persevered and we found a combination of anti-nausea medicine that works decently, that I'm not allergic to and that doesn't cost $160 per pill. I had many sick hours, but not many days and I did not get sick while sitting in treatment!
  • Shaun was "around", meaning he hasn't started tax season in ernest yet. That's about to change, but it sure has been amazing to have him available. 
  • It was my birthday week and I felt especially special.
  • I mentally braced myself for the worse, to take into account the "cumulative effect", and was prepared ahead of time with scripture to do battle in my head.
For the second-to-last treatment it really was remarkable! I always had some degree of energy and climbed stairs without forethought. You'd think we'd have this down to a science by now, but it seems there are different variables each time, making it an adventure to figure out how to manage each day.

To be clear, I believe that everyday, whether I'm sick or feeling well, have energy or not, am "feeling" blessed or not, that God is working everything for my good.

This is my amazing nurse, Sharon. She's been with me since #2 and I've gotten world-class care. She is attentive, compassionate, experienced, smart, diligent and so warm. Really, all the nurses have been great but Sharon has been super special.
 And my rock star siblings joined me. As the oldest, I should have been more protective and not let them into the cancer center scene, but I'm forever grateful they were there.

Shaun thought it'd be fun to take a picture of how I spent the afternoon of my 40th birthday. Sleep is a welcome respite from the nausea.
 This was my "birthday cake"...perfect!!

I want to thank you for hanging in there with us. People around this country (and in Germany! :) are praying for us and prayers are being answered! I feel so supported and loved and like I'm being carried through this.

I'm learning how to graciously receive and even how to ask for help. I really don't like doing either, but from my vantage point, its been a beautiful thing to watch community come together. My heart is full!


The Bug said...

Amen! This part of the journey is almost over - so very glad for you!

The Bug said...

P.S. Your birthday cake looks great & all, but I still want a cupcake :)

Meg A. said...

Still so blown away by last week! I had faith that you would rock it and that we would pray you through, but never did I think there would be so many well days!!! Woohoo to ONE MORE!!!

Karen said...

God bless you Lisa!! I see victory!! Happy Birthday too. Love you, k

Ashley Beth said...

Praise God! The week you had was exactly what I was praying for--doing battle but not as hard as previous weeks have been. Amazing to see God's answered prayer right here on the page. One more go-round, friend! You can do it!!

LuAnn said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow......