Sunday, January 18, 2015

Project 365, Week 3

It was a bit of an ecclectic week, with some hard but many blessings. Here it is in pictures:

January 11
Amanda cooked pancakes for the family, all on her own (with Avery trying to insert herself here and there)
January 12
It was a treatment day and a (botched) snowday, so the kids got to have cousin time. They watched Cupcake Wars (which was my girls first time and now Avery's kind of addicted...Mom, can I just watch one??) and then split up into teams and did their own version. No winner declared, but everyone's a winner when you get to eat the results, right?
January 13
After homework we did a movie in bed. Snuggle time makes us all hate the pump less.
 Shaun took the girls to a free throw contest...Avery hit the rim a few times. :)
January 14
The highly anticipated after-pump-removal shower.
January 15
This was maybe my sickest day of the week and also my 40th birthday. Lots of crazy love in this stack of birthday goodness. Crazy love.
January 16
 I've purposely not spent a lot of time teaching writing with Aiden, because I remember the first grade teacher drills it into them...he'll figure it out next year! :)
January 17
My two engineers building cardboard race cars first thing in the morning.
R was at a track meet for 12 hours and it was one of Shaun's last days off from Block so I set aside the day as a family day. We built things, cleaned the girls room, did way too many screens, read books, played games, snuggled, had deep talks, watched a movie. It was soul-renewing.


Darla said...

Sending you love for your birthday! Sweet picture of the kids all baking.

The Bug said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad it was filled with love. And I'm glad for your family day... And now I want a cupcake :)