Sunday, March 8, 2015

Project 365, Week 10

Today I'm thankful that's its Sunday morning and NOT snowing and that Daylight Savings has begun! Spring is closer than its been all year and all of our upcoming temps are in the (positive) double-digits. Life is good!

March 1
Its no small task to play in the snow these days, but these cool cats were up for the challenge.
 While Shaun and the kids were at rehearsal, R and I hit the pavement, looking for a job.
March 2
The kids had a snow delay and when the sun came out it was just beautiful. We lost the swing!

 March 3
After radiation Shaun, Aiden and I went to Bean to return Christmas boots. Even in our small little store there was much exploring to do.
 March 4
Happy kids hanging out together.

 March 5
Shaun and Aiden spent the morning digging through the snow and frozen ground looking for a sewer tank at his grandfather's house. Makes me thankful for city water and sewer...and that I'm a girl. :)
 I asked the girls to pick a meal that they wanted to learn how to cook so that I could teach them and they could be assigned an evening to be chef.  Amanda chose Beef Stroganoff, her favorite dish and a recipe that I've simplified and made kid-friendly. She was pretty proud of herself!
Brown 1 lb. beef, add 2 cans of cream of mushroom/chicken, 1 cup sour cream, salt/pepper/parsley flakes, serve over egg noodles. Easy!
 March 6
Lots of crafting going on here. Avery finished her first crocheted scarf and Amanda's making progress on a scarf.
 Pop happened to stop by in time to fine tune the kids' derby cars for the races at Awanas. No duct tape was involved, but he did happen to have silicon spray in his car.
March 7
The three kids pushed two couches together and made a "loft" in the living room. This is what I found when I came down at 6 AM.
There was an end-of-basketball season party at a teammates house, which just happens to be on a farm. It was an experience, a bunch of city slicker girls out there tentatively giggling and squealing as they came in contact with these animals. Except for sweet Amanda, who couldn't get enough.

 One room in the house was devoted to some 30 hedgehogs, which they breed and sell for hundreds of dollars (and have a waiting list for)! The mom also brought a large frog out into the middle of the living room floor, one that bites. After two hours we got into the car and Avery said, Well...THAT was interesting! :)


Meg A. said...

What a week! So many great many comments!
1. The snow pictures- GORGEOUS!
2. The kids and their "loft"- too sweet!
3. Teaching the girls how to make a meal- I LOVE this!!!
4. Pop with the silicon spray in his car? Priceless!

Amy said...

I was JUST going to make a list of my favorites and realized it's the SAME list that Meg already posted!!!!
1. I heard all about the farm. WOW! Just wow! Seems like a lot of work. And when I heard about the hedgehogs, I assumed they were OUTSIDE of the house. My bad.
2. Love your snow pictures. May never have those to take in your lifetime again.
3. Dad and his spray, though. :)

The Bug said...

Wow that snow - that's a LOT of snow! We just didn't get very much this year. And I'm fine with that - so ready for spring!

I would love to see all those hedgehogs - so cute! As are Amanda's penguin pajama pants :)

Ashley Beth said...

That snow is bonkers! It looks a lot like our new house does only we are at 9,000 ft elevation and in the middle of the mountains so all the snow makes sense! Your house looks quite charming and cozy with all that snow piled up!