Sunday, March 1, 2015

Project 365, Week 9

I was feeling better this week, post-surgery, and better is good enough for me. I mostly spent the week just being a mom and that's bliss!

Although I won't see a whole lot of him, Shaun is off today, for the first time in over a month. I/We miss him like crazy. Even though tax season happens every year, you still don't get used to it enough for it not to be hard. It is..."taxing", on all involved. ;)

In other news, its Sunday morning and its not snowing! Apparently, its going to wait until this evening to start. Its March 1st (yay!) and most around here are quite ready for spring. Amanda is concerned that the snow won't be gone in time for the Easter egg hunt. I'm being to wonder...

We had some days that weren't arctic cold, so the kids were outside most days. Actually, I think it has more to do with the fact that we're just acclimated to the bitter cold. Boo!

Here's our week in all of its wonderful ordinariness.

February 22
I love quiet mornings when these three can hang out together and play and imagine and be silly.
 Aiden usually gets dressed on his own accord and heads outside to do work.
February 23
Shaun was home for some of the evening! Rummikub has been popular around here since Christmas. Its the only game I've found I can sometime beat Shaun at....comes from the hours I spent playing this growing up. (Avery is setting the timer for Shaun because he tries to cheat. :)

February 24
I suggested to Aiden he could put on more clothes instead of burning his back on the gas fireplace but he said he was good. Also, we've been so thankful for this handed-down lego bin!
February 25
This girl shares my love of books and its fun to chat with her about what she's interested in.
 Not so much for these two. :)
 Working on his tunnel.
February 26
Hot chocolate!

The rule around here is "no job? no cell phone." R has been doing enough work for Shaun that he finally earned enough to get a phone and maintain the monthly costs. Its only talk and text so we don't have to deal with Internet things yet, but we're happy that he's reached this "status". Its quite possible that he was the only one in his senior class to get a phone. In my opinion, its wrong that there is more shame in not having a phone than there is in not having a j-o-b. I'm old-fashioned like that.

My bed has been a popular spot this week...I think that electric throw might be the reason.
February 27
I was treated to lunch with a couple friends and it was so nice to be out, doing something normal. Aiden asked about all those "trophies" on display.

 Sniper-boy, taking out the squirrels in the yard.

February 28
The big news around here is R has a girlfriend! We got to meet her and bring her to church and have her over for dinner. She's adorable and is a new voice in R's head harping about studying and doing well in school. I'm going to do everything I can to keep her around! ;)


Amy said...

Normal weeks are very nice, aren't they?! Big week for and a girl! I love her name.

Meg A. said...

LOVE the phone contract! And love all the regular life this week!

The Bug said...

I was such a "head in my book" kind of girl that I don't know what I would have even done with a cell phone in high school. Well, if it played games & had books on it like the one I have now I would totally have loved that - another reason not to talk to people - yay! :)