Sunday, March 22, 2015

Project 365, Week 12

Good morning! Its cold here, but there's bright sunshine and its officially spring! Its exciting that we had outdoor pictures this week...its a good sign!

March 15
Inspired by the radiology waiting room, I set out a 500 piece puzzle. I have to be careful about when I sit down to work on it, because it draws me in.

March 16
The girls were off from school so we decided do some family time.

You remember when the girls opted to not watch the inappropriate movie that was being offered at school? Well, their daddy tells them when they say no to something because they feel its wrong, that he'll make sure they get something bigger and better than the thing they said no to.

We've been patiently waiting and finally there was a movie showing at the theater that is family friendly. Shaun took a mid-afternoon break and the five of us went to see Cinderella. We all approved!

 The bikes are out!!

This guy disappeared for a while and returned decked out in full hunting gear. He went hunting several days this week actually, once in the light rain....he figured the birds would be sitting targets as they came out to bathe themselves in fresh puddles.

 We were happy to celebrate DQ's anniversary with them, since they were handing out free cones!

March 17
Morally I know its wrong to buy cereal that changes the color of milk, but I did it anyway and the kids were thrilled.
 Aiden, tired of waiting for the snow to melt in the yard, decided to improvise.

March 18
Aiden's turn to make dinner.

March 19
Avery's 4th grade class led mass and Avery did a reading.
 I looked over at Aiden, who was in Shaun's arms and thought with much sadness that in a few short months, clad in a in blue shirt and pants and tie, he'll be sitting amongst these big school kids in 1st grade.

March 20
Aiden and I did a double-date with Amy and Rocco. They screened as we chatted.
Avery's turn to make dinner. She chose Cheesy Chicken and Potato Chowder...yummy! She's a 21st Century kid, reading the recipe (from Pinterest) off my phone.

March 21
A sampling of the three dozen selfies Amanda left on my phone.
 Swim class continues to go...swimmingly!
 There is nothing pretty or charming about snow in late March. However, it can still be fun!

And the best early afternoon it was all melted and it was bike-riding weather again.

Amanda spent quite a bit of time patiently leading Alayna around on the two-wheeler.


Amy said...

I LOVE the cousin picture on the sled.--Don't you LOVE Fixer Upper??!!! I LOVE the show, her style, and their sweet interactions, kids, etc. It's so neat to see them work so well as a team!--Kids are doing well in the kitchen!--No school for A...not yet....sniff :( How can that be?

sara said...

I love that you have your kids cook dinner! My 3 enjoy being in the kitchen, but I wish I had started them when they were young like you are doing!!!

hope this week brings warmer weather for you!!!

The Bug said...

My mom didn't have us help her in the kitchen when we were little - but that could have been because when we were Aiden's age she was still learning her way around the kitchen herself!

I LOVE LUCKY CHARMS!!! I can't have them in the house though because I can go through a whole box in two days...

Aiden cannot be old enough to go to school. I disapprove. :)

Darla said...

the recipe looks amazing, great little cook. cute kids in the snow. lots of blessings.