Sunday, March 29, 2015

Project 365, Week 13

I didn't produce many photos from this week, mostly because I didn't see a whole lot of my family.  Shaun and the three littles had rehearsals four nights this week and then we all went to opening night. Shaun is in high demand at the tax desk, so in the evening he's been popping in for three minutes to grab the kids to head to church until 11 PM, or later.

While they were gone R and I worked through some challenges and made some progress, I think. I did radiation five days and slept whenever possible. Lucky for me, I can sleep whether the house is full or empty, whether Shaun and the kids are safely home or stuck in a ditch somewhere. ;)

It was exciting to get to Friday and see a sold-out auditorium watching Passion of the King. There are four more shows...please come! You will not be disappointed.

Here's our week, in small part of what it actually looked like.

March 22
The office was closed but we all went to help Shaun compile numbers for our personal taxes (ours is the hardest return he does all year). Avery and I worked the bank accounts and calculator while Aiden and Amanda watched a science show in the lobby and chowed down on lollipops.

March 23
Randomly, Avery wanted to play a race car game with Shaun, so they dusted off the play station which hasn't been used since R's birthday last May. Obviously we're a big video game family. ;)

Shaun is so good about coming home from an exhausting non-stop day and just diving into the "demands" of four kids who are happy to see him and have pressing needs and desires and stories to tell.
March 24
Shaun had scheduled the morning off, hoping to catch up on some things. Instead, he fixed a leaking toilet in one apartment and the resulting wet, destroyed ceiling in the other apartment. Since the building is just a mile from radiation, he hitched a ride. While he worked I ran some errands and then napped in the sunny car. Aiden spent a significant amount of time chopping snow and hauling it out of the way. The boy loves to work!
March 25
I was at a stop sign coming home from the grocery store and saw these sweet ladies soaking up the relative warmth of the day. I thought it would be so fun to pull up a chair next to them and chat.
March 26
The girls had a half day so after we laid down for a rest/nap, we hung out in their room reading/doing homework.
March 27
Aiden spent a couple nights with cousins and Amy sent me this picture, assuring me he was still doing school. :)
Speaking of school, I filled out the school registration paperwork so he can enter 1st Grade in the fall at the girls school. That first day all three of them let go of my hand and walk into that building? I don't anticipate handling that very well. Just sayin'.
Opening night, three hours before the curtain opens.
March 28
Michael Phelps.


The Bug said...

Oh Michael Phelps - how can it be time for you to sign up for first grade already? And if I feel that way, I think you're going to need a support group of some kind for that day. All right Lisa's friends - get to planning!

Love that picture of Avery & her dad...

I know I've mentioned this before, but since I'm typing this on Sunday I'll say it again: it makes me smile to hear your name read aloud during the Prayers of the People on Sunday mornings.

Melody said...

Love you and miss you and thinking of you lots!