Sunday, March 15, 2015

Project 365, Week 11

March 8
I find lots of Avery-selfies on my phone. She has pretty curls from her sleepover at cousins. I'm so thankful for cousin Maddy, who can fill in the hair and makeup gap I have.
March 9
Pop almost skipped tapping maple trees this year, but the kids wouldn't hear of it. All the local cousins gathered and had so much fun being together on a warmish day.

 After only a couple trees, the snowball fight temptation proved to be too great.

March 10
So many words to share right after school. This girl...
March 11
Aiden and I took R back to the tech college for admissions/placement testing. Proud Mama moment: he passed and submitted everything he needed to, and has officially been offered a spot in the college for Fall 2015! Only Shaun and I will ever know the blood, sweat and tears that's been required to get him to this point....all worth it to see him begin to connect the dots in life and see him start on a new journey.

While he was in testing, Aiden and I drove 10 minutes to my brother's office, where he is a Chaplain. I drove to the security gate and a man came out, asking me to state my business. I said, I'm here to see my brother, Tim B--. Immediately, his whole face lit up. Major B-- is your brother? He is quite the man! He is, and I was so proud to be associated with him as he introduced me to different friends and co-workers in his building.

My little brother... :)
March 12
Where there is snow and water, there is work to be done.

 Or not...

 The "long"-awaited Lego set arrived. Even though Aiden wanted it to be a man-thing, he settled for Avery, who was able and willing to help him get it set up.
March 13

 Amanda and a classmate made plans to meet up at DQ, which just opened up for the season....its a good sign of things to come!
Also, we got our tire swing back. Its a little muddy there, but that never stopped anyone, least of all Amanda.
Avery's been into watching Fixer Upper on HGTV.  Its my go-to show for the treadmill, too. So good!
 R and his girlfriend attended a "spring" dance at her school. Aren't they sweet?
March 14
Amanda and I spent some one-on-one time together, getting distracted while cleaning her room. She thrives on quality time and I don't give her nearly enough.
Hope you have a great week! Its officially spring this week you know.


LuAnn said...

Fixer upper is my favorite show. I want Chip and JoAnna to come to my house.

Amy said...

Yay for Ray!!!! I LOVE Fixer-Upper. Me and Maddy are hooked. I LOVE the picture of you and Tim. Not one bit surprised that people beam when speaking of him.

Meg A. said...

I, too, am obsessed with Chip and JoAnna! The best show! Looks like a great week. So cute of Ray and I love Avery selfies!

Melody said...

I have so many thoughts! Amanda's earrings look great :) Congrats on Ray's success! Ray's girlfriend looks precious!. Love the pics of Amanda loving life in the mud. Yay for new legos. Avery takes great selfies! Love the cousins tree-tapping pics!

The Bug said...

I'm sure you've heard this before, but you kind of look like a midget next to your brother :)

R & his girl are so cute - and congrats to him! What does he want to study?

Love all the pics of the kids in the snow with Pop...