Thursday, April 30, 2015

#tbt (Throw Back Thursday)

Yesterday Avery and I were looking through some old posts. We especially got laughing at a couple short videos we found. It was such a short time ago the girls were that little and going through the posts made me so thankful for this small space I've created on the internet.

As I look back at the years, its obvious our story has had twists and turns, but always its had God's grace covering it all.

(Age 2.5)


(Age 3.5)



Melody said...

Heart. Melted!

sara said...

oh my word, those are so sweet!!!

Funny, I found a drawer with old videos this week as I cleaned out closets and had so much fun watching my 3 grownups when they were babies! :)

Amy said...

AMANDA!!! I so remember that video. Her little eyebrows and "I need to call a friend!"

Amy Joy said...


The Bug said...

Oh how sweet! Amanda looks a lot like Aiden there...