Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Unless I get an email that something has happened on my "wall", I don't go into Facebook, haven't in several years. But Shaun uses my account whenever he is renting an apartment. It is amazing/shocking/helpful what can be found on someone online. Second only to the in-person meeting, it is what Shaun bases his decision on for whether he will rent to someone or not. (Let that be a lesson to you young 'uns! ;)

The other day Shaun had gotten sidetracked and I walked in the room to see this heart-melting photo. Ah....

(Aiden and the dumb dog, who was once cute...January 2010-ish)

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The Bug said...

I look people up on Facebook for my work too - it really is interesting! I seldom think about how I will be perceived, so I wonder what people see when they look at my wall (yarn, mostly, I think - ha!).

That is an ADORABLE picture!